Dominic Martiniak

I've made many friends in Sarajevo!

Dominic Martiniak, Director of Carlsberg BiH, has been living and working in Sarajevo for two years now, and has shared his impressions of our city.


He says that he heard of Sarajevo for the first time during the XIV Winter Olympics and at the beginning of the 1990s he came to learn of the fate of BiH's capital city through news reports on our country's tragic conflict. However, after all these years, Vučko, the mascot of the XIV WOG, has remained his symbol of Sarajevo.

Dominic made his first business trip to Sarajevo two years ago during the time Sarajevo Film Festival was taking place. He found the city packed with people and full of life, so he wanted to stay here and get to know Sarajevo better.

The diversity of Sarajevo, Dominic says, was unexpected and something with which he was pleasantly surprised. This diversity can be seen through old buildings which are right next to new ones, people of different religions and nationalities living together without any tension and so on….

Fascinated by the kindness of Sarajevans

What he likes most about Sarajevo is its accessibility, as it is possible to reach every part of the city very quickly and without any fuss. He is fascinated by the kindness of Sarajevans who are always ready for a friendly chat and socializing. He adds proudly that he has made many friends in our city.

As for weaknesses, he would cite Sarajevans’ tendency to be late, which causes meetings not to start at the set time. However, he says that their faults are nothing compared to their virtues, including their positive outlook on life, despite the tremendous economic challenges they encounter every day.

The custom that has surprised him the most is how Sarajevans drink coffee in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, in the evening…. It has also been hard for him to get used to the long waits in banks and administrative offices.

Dominic’s Sarajevo ritual consists of visiting places that serve Carlsberg Beer, such as those in the center of town, as well as restaurants that are hidden in the suburbs.

He enjoys Bosnian food and would list klepe and begova čorba as his favorite local specialties. He says that he is always ready to try new Bosnian dishes because he has yet to be disappointed.

Dominic says that one of Sarajevo’s great advantages is the nearby mountains, where, in wintertime, one can go skiing during the day and then come back to town. He also says that it is nice that one can reach the Adriatic Sea so easily from Sarajevo and that he can be spontaneous here, because he doesn’t have to make reservations at restaurants months in advance.

Many outstanding places

He adds that there are many outstanding places in our city where one can always find a free spot.

He points out that one disadvantage of living here is the bad air quality and thick fog during the winter.

Dominic Martiniak would recommend first-time visitors to come in the summer and then to come back at another time of year. He asserts that there is so much to see and experience in our city that it is impossible to do everything in just one weekend.

Dominic concludes with the following:

- The rich history, the hospitality and kindness of people and the opportunity to relax and enjoy such unusual and interesting surroundings are things that everyone should experience.