Coffee With ...

Nedim Zlatar Basheskia

Nedim Zlatar Basheskia is a musician, music producer, drummer fromthe band Sikter, and a half of the Basheskia & Edward EQ duo.


At the beginning, we asked him about his memories of growing up in Sarajevo?

- A good part of my childhood was tied to Marijin Dvor, which is why I love the courtyards between the buildings. I remember a time when there weren't a lot of skyscrapers and excessive buildings. I spent the period of War at Skenderija's passages and basements, and at Cafe Trasa (today's Meeting Point cinema). That was the second period of my growing years.

When asked whether he hang out at certain spots during his High School days, and whether he visits those places today, Nedim responded:

- I spent my High-School years at Obala Club, which used to be a great place. I went there a few times after the war, but it changed entirely so I don't go there anymore. I spent my student days in various places I no longer visit nor can remember them.

Nedim is not into evening outings and claims that he has not had nightlife in years. Although he does not have a special place for a daytime coffee, he prefers cafés with a nice terrace or a balcony.

When asked which is his favorite restaurant, or rather where can one eat well in Sarajevo, Nedim responded:

- Aščinica Hadžibajrić at Baščaršija, Dom at Ciglane, and the best pita is served at Nagib's (Kod Nagiba) at Novo Sarajevo.

When it comes to architecture, Nedim singled out National Museum as Sarajevo's most beautiful building, but when came to his favorite festival, he gave us more than one answer:

- I have to single out Jazz Fest, Documentary Film Festival 'Pravo ljudski', and Memory Module. MESS once was good; I hope it will be like that again.

In replying to a question regarding the best view of the city, he told us that best view is seen from Ploče at Vratnik, and when it comes to the most beautiful season, our guest had selected the late summer and the month of September, which is ideal, in his opinion.

At the end of our conversation, we asked Nedim to tell us which places should someone, in town for only one day, visit to get to know and feel our city?

- It would be best to get up early in the morning, during sunrise and to walk on foot from Vratnik to Vilsonovo šetalište. Sarajevo is truly at its best at dawn.