Adnan Busuladžić

Sarajevans Are More Important Than Sarajevo!

Adnan Busuladžić, director of National Museum of BiH is announcing  the new souvenir shop opening, which was designed by the famous BH architect Amir Vuk Zec.


- We have been faced with problems of adequate representation of museum souvenirs that depict cultural, historical and natural heritage of our country for a long time now. With this new souvenir shop our offer will be presented in the best way possible. Anyone who visits Sarajevo and the National Museum will be able to pick something out for themselves whether one of the more popular souvenirs or items representing the Museum collection.

The National Museum of BiH has been in existence since 1888 and currently attracts around 30 000 visitors per each year. This institution is one of the country’s most significant seven cultural institutions. Apart from a visit to his home Museum, Busuladžić recommends a visit to other significant cultural institutions such as the National Gallery, Historical Museum of BiH, Museum of Literature and Performing Arts

When reasons to visit Sarajevo are concerned, Busuladžić says:

- My recommendation would be for the beautiful nature: Bjelašnica, Igman, baths on Ilidža ... Also, in my opinion one of the chief reasons to visit Sarajevo is excellent cuisine.

As a meat connoisseur, Busuladžić likes to eat at restaurant Kod Brajlovića on Ilidža, while he usually chooses Željo or Hodžić for ćevapi, and points out that he is a fan of Banja Luka ćevapi as well.

For Adnan, the best walking destination is Vrelo Bosne, especially during summer months. However, if he needs peace, he usually finds it in the botanic garden of National Museum.

He enjoys the architecture found in the stretch of town from Marijin Dvor to BBI Center, while the best view of Sarajevo can be enjoyed from Bijela tabija. To those visiting Sarajevo for the first time, he recommends a walk from the Eternal Flame to Baščaršija, with a pause for lunch at one of Sarajevo’s aščinicas, ćevabdžinicas or buregdžinicas.

Adnan finds it difficult to describe Sarajevo in one sentence:

- It is hard to describe one’s own city. Sarajevo has a lot of that special and characteristic spirit, as well as its own way of thinking. But, Sarajevans are more important than Sarajevo, because they live here, give their spirit to the city, and make it what it is.