Nidal Ferhatović

Sarajevo has kindness, generosity and soul!

Nidal Ferhatović, a former member of FC Sarajevo and owner of the restaurant, Fan Ferhatović, comes from the famous Sarajevo family of athletes and restaurateurs. He is a Baščaršija kid, having grown up there, and it is where he lives and works.


He says that Sarajevo’s greatest attractions are Baščaršija, which is loveliest in the early morning, and traditional Bosnian food, which should be enjoyed “with merak” (pure joy).

- One should visit restaurants that have a history, that have their own story and a special charm, like Hadžibajrić Aščinica, which has been around for over 100 years.

The real Sarajevo attractions

He also says that the real Sarajevo attractions are local ćevabdžinicas.

- Mrkva, Kurto and Ferhatović are three of the oldest ones and they, along with Hodžić and Željo, “maintain” the Sarajevo tradition of making ćevapi.

He says visitors should try pače, sogan dolma and spit-roasted lamb at Kibe Mahala, which also offers the best view of Sarajevo.

- As a butcher’s family, we were preparing kurban (lamb prepared for Eid) back in Gazi Husrev Bey’s day, but sometimes we like a change and then we go to Magarac for some fish specialties.

Nidal usually has his daily coffee at Pirat, Miris Dunja or somewhere on Slatko Ćoše, and he says that those who have a sweet tooth should go to Baklava for ružica, baklava and the special džandar baklava.

He is glad that the tradition of visiting Trebević is coming back, as the mountain has many attractions, as well as lovely nature.

- Trebević is now home to Sunnyland and Pino Nature, and Brus has become an attractive spot again. Its greatest advantage is that it is close to town – you can get from Baščaršija to Trebević in about ten minutes.

As for Sarajevo festivals, he enjoys the Balkan Photo Festival the most and would list Sarajevo Film Festival and MESS as top events.

Sculptures and ornamental details

- My favorite theater is Kamerni Theater 55, with its fascinating local atmosphere and the intimacy between the actors and audience.

Nidal says that the Academy of Fine Arts building is the prettiest building in town and he finds the sculptures and ornamental details on Austro-Hungarian buildings quite attractive.

As for gifts that remind one of time spent in Sarajevo, he suggests the unique Sarajevo belenzuk (a type of bracelet) and copper coffee sets. Nidal ends our chat with the following:

- Sarajevo has the kindness, generosity and soul that are hard to find today.