Adnan Mrkva

Sarajevo is a Beautiful and Melancholic City!

Adnan Mrkva is the owner of Mrkva Group, which operates a chain of ćevabdžinicas, and director of the hockey league project, BHL Kids.


Adnan’s childhood was connected to two very different parts of town (and ways of life!) – Čengić Vila and Vratnik – and he believes that the fusion of “mahala” (traditional) and “haustor” (modern) has shaped his personality. Sarajevo mahalas have remained his favorite part of town because of their nostalgia and mystical nature, and Adnan points to the corner of Lubina St. in Vratnik as an especially lovely spot.

Adnan’s favorite walking route is along Sarajevo’s main walking street, Ferhadija. Whenever he wants to get away from city crowds he heads for Barice and Čavljak (which he thinks offers the nicest view of Sarajevo), and he often goes all the way to Bukovik.

Adnan usually drinks coffee in the center of town and insists that his favorite spot is Havana Café in Baščaršija. As for evenings out, he occasionally stops by Coloseum Club to enjoy the good atmosphere and music. His favorite restaurant is Peppers in Kovačići, and while he runs one of the most famous and oldest ćevabdžinicas in Sarajevo – Mrkva – he likes to eat ćevapćići at Ferhatović Petica and Hodžić.

-  We’re good neighbors and there is a healthy competition between the best representatives of Sarajevo grilled specialties!

Adnan says that Sarajevo is most beautiful during summer, especially during the month of Ramazan, and during the Sarajevo Film Festival, which he considers the most signim cant cultural event in Sarajevo. Being a great lover of sports, Adnan attends many sporting events and is particularly committed to increasing the popularity of hockey in Sarajevo and BiH through his activities with BHL Kids. He also serves as President of the hockey club, Vukovi from Stari Grad (Old Town). For Adnan, Zetra is the prettiest building in town and it holds many memories for him.

Adnan Mrkva advises all who come to Sarajevo to be sure to visit the religious places of worship for the four monotheistic religions which coexist in Sarajevo, and to sample some famous Sarajevo grilled specialties!

In closing, we asked him to try to describe Sarajevo in one sentence:

-  Sarajevo is a beautiful and melancholic city that is in constant conflict with itself.