Adela Subašić-Kopić

Sarajevo is a Charming City!

Adela Subašić-Kopić is a young professor of physics and an astronomer, as well as Vice-President of the Orion Astronomical Society. She represented our country at the International Year of Astronomy 2009 in Paris and has been named as BiH’s national representative at the International Year of Light and Light-based Technology (IYL 2015).


Having lived here since she was 19, Adela considers Sarajevo a specific city because of its unusual character and diversity. While she wasn’t born in Sarajevo, she feels like this city is a dream come true, adding that she feels as though she belongs here and that Sarajevo brings out the best in her.

The part of town that has played a special role in her life is Pofalići, which is where the Faculty of Mathematics, Wilson’s Promenade and Tito Café (where she spent a lot of time during her studies) can all be found.

For Adela, a perfect day in Sarajevo starts with morning coffee and after work she enjoys a walk from Skenderija to BBI Center, where she usually has lunch. After that she goes for drinks with some friends to the café, Zlatna Ribica, then to Drvenija, where the Orion Astronomical Society meets. She also likes to walk to Vijećnica and enjoy the view of the Miljacka.

Given that she’s in love with astronomy, Adela’s favorite places to relax are the mountains around Sarajevo. She usually visits Bjelašnica, Romanija and Trebević, where, according to Adela, the observatory on Čolina Kapa offers the most beautiful view of the city.

For evenings out, she usually chooses the club, Cinemas Sloga, where all generations come together and, as for cultural activities, she makes special mention of the good plays that can be seen at SARTR.

Adela’s favorite restaurants in Sarajevo are Maroko in Art Hotel, for special occasions; Una, which is ideal for family outings and she visits Staklo for a quick lunch. She loves to eat ćevapi at Mrkva Ćevabdžinica and, from among Bosnian specialties, she recommends lamb roasted under a sač and baklava and tulumbe for desert.

She cites cultural diversity, historical heritage and a pleasant atmosphere as reasons to visit Sarajevo. She would take a first-time visitor to Đulagin Dvor for a coffee, then to Mrkva or Petica ćevabdžinica for lunch and then for a walk along Ambassadors’ Alley (Dariva). Adela says that an ideal souvenir from Sarajevo would be a hand-made ibrik (pitcher).

In closing, we asked Adela to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she had this to say:

- Sarajevo is a charming city!