Mihra Dedajić

Sarajevo is a city of people with big hearts!

Mihra Dedajić was recently named Director of the Residence Inn Hotel by Marriott in Sarajevo.


Having lived in the USA for nine years, this young and accomplished Sarajevan decided to return to BiH to live in her hometown, which she considers to be the most interesting city in the Balkans.

Alipašino Polje is the part of town that has featured prominently in her life. She can still clearly recall when Sarajevo was under siege – it was a time, she says, when she was fascinated by the unity, solidarity and harmony among people during that period.

For Mihra, a perfect day in Sarajevo begins with a morning coffee at Enjoy Cafe, and she’s always eager to spend the weekends outside of the city, with her favorite destinations being Trebević, Bjelašnica, Barice and Zmajevac. She sees the mountains around Sarajevo as the perfect getaway for those looking for some peace and an escape from the bustle of town.

If she does happen to stay in town for the weekend, then she’s keen to stroll along Titova and Ferhadija, or Wilson’s Promenade.

Mihra adds that she is particularly fond of taking in some performances at Kamerni Theater 55 and she singles out Sarajevo Film Festival as the city’s most important cultural event.

She would recommend the restaurants Oaza, Kibe, Pivnica HS, Galija and Dveri for an evening out. When it comes to ćevapi (which, she says, are the most essential BiH specialty), she goes to the ćevabdžinicas, Petica Ferhatović, Željo and Mrkva. She also recommends the following domestic items: pita, dolma, čorba and desserts like baklava and tufahija.

Mihra’s favorite buildings in Sarajevo are Momo and Uzeir, the two blue skyscrapers in Marijin Dvor that are home to the UNITIC Business Center, and she says the loveliest view of town is the one from Žuta Tabija.

She says that Sarajevo should be visited for the hospitality of its residents, the excellent food, rich history and many attractions.

Mihra would take first-time visitors on a walk through Baščaršija and for ćevapi and then to Dibek or Aeroplan for coffee. She would wrap up the city tour at Zmajevac, which offers a gorgeous panorama.

She mentions that some of the hand-made items from Baščaršija or Sarajevska Kocka would make perfect Sarajevo souvenirs.

In closing, we asked Mihra to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she had this to say:

- Sarajevo is a city that has great potential, a rich history, an enormous tourism offering, and it’s a city of people with big hearts.