Enis Čišić

Sarajevo is a city on a river, squeezed between beautiful mountains

Enis Čišić is a comic strip artist and illustrator who works for the world-famous Marvel Comics. This Sarajevan, who has had an opportunity to work on such comic book characters as, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk and Nick Fury, reveals how he sees his hometown and why he thinks it’s special.


- Sarajevo is interesting because of its rich history, the bridges and its mountains. It’s funny but, whenever someone comes here to visit me, I get to know this city all over again, as though I’m here for the first time in my life, says Enis.

He relates that the part of town that has figured prominently in his life is Obala Maka Dizdara and the neighborhood, Skenderija, where he spent his childhood. He currently lives in Koševsko Brdo, surrounded by greenery.

A perfect day in Sarajevo is one spent up on the surrounding mountains and he usually visits Bijele Vode on Bjelašnica, the village, Umoljani, and Studeni Potok.

Since he makes an effort to avoid crowds while walking around town, Enis likes to take Alipašina, Koševo, Josipa Vancaša, Džidžikovac and Radićeva Streets. When he is in need of a little peace and quiet, he is keen to sit in one of the parks in the center of town and sketch passersby.

Enis usually drinks his daily coffee at Boris Smoje Gallery or Dva Ribara and he is quick to choose Balkan Express and Silver & Smoke Club for an evening out, then he goes to Kino Bosna on Mondays and is known to drop by the jazz club, Monument.

As for the cultural activities on offer in our city, Enis is especially fond of the repertoires at Sarajevo’s cinemas and theaters and he visits SARTR and Kamerni Theater 55 most regularly.

His favorite restaurants are Boccone, Klopa and Začin and, as far as Bosnian specialties are concerned, he’s quite fond of sogan dolma and klepe.

Enis says that the Academy of Fine Arts is the prettiest building in Sarajevo and he believes that the nicest views of Sarajevo are the ones from Nahorevo and from the restaurant, Kod Bibana.

He would take a first-time visitor to see the rich collection at the National Museum of BiH, then to the Historical Museum and Vijećnica.

He feels that visitors will experience the best of Sarajevo if they visit our city when the MESS Theater Festival or Jazz Fest is running.

Enis says that the ideal Sarajevo souvenir is a Molimao T-shirt, Vučko I Raja prints by Vedran Klemens, Sarajevo Dingbats postcards, bags that feature city motifs and books by Boris Lalić.

In closing our conversation, we asked Enis to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and he had this to say:

- It is a city on a river, squeezed between beautiful mountains.