Samira Poričanin Petrešin

Sarajevo is a City That Blends History and Good Entertainment!

Samira Poričanin-Petrešin is a chief editor of the Sarajevo radio station, RSG 1, which follows events in Sarajevo with diligence and dedication. Samira points out that her editorial staff takes delight in every new theater performance, exhibition, concert, film…


She spent her early years in Baščaršija, where her family’s goldsmith shop is located and where she grew up. Her favorite street is Radićeva and she likes to spend her free time on Vrelo Bosne, but during the summer she enjoys the silence of Jahorina and blueberry cake at Hotel Termag.

Samira usually drinks coffee in shopping centers – for example Torte i to (BBI). She recommends the restaurants Pasta Zen, Kibe, Tavola, Trattoria Uno and Dr. Food, but she often makes her way out of the city, to Ilijaš, to enjoy the best fritters at a bistro called Dijana. As for the best ćevapi in town, her choice is Venera (in Alipašino polje).

She often spends her evenings at Opera, Barhana, Pivnica Sarajevo and Podroom, and these days she visits the Sarajevsko Pivo Holiday Pub at the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market, which will be at Trg Oslobođenja – Alija Izetbegović until January 15.

Samira enjoys concerts put on by Gramofon and seeing Dubioza Kolektiv; she enjoys new theater performances and visiting Art Cinema Kriterion. She eagerly awaits every book fair, as well as exhibitions by her friend, Adin Hebib, an artist. As for festivals, SFF and Jazz Fest are her favorites. She urges our readers not to miss the Glenn Miller Orchestra on January 17, at the Bosnian Cultural Center.

She would recommend the following tour for visitors:

– I would take visitors through the ages in one day: first to Bijela Tabija and Zmajevac, then to Kozija ćuprija, Bentbaša and, of course, through Sarajevo mahalas (quarters). Next would be a walk from Bašaršija to Vijećnica, then past Sebilj, along the streets of handicrafts to Bey’s Mosque, and then down Ferhadija and Titova to Marijin Dvor. Lunch is a must because food and drink in our city is a once in a lifetime experience.

Finally, Samira offers her description of Sarajevo:

– It is a European city that you have to visit if you like history and want to have good fun, and meet interesting and incessantly witty people!