Faris Biogradlić

Sarajevo is a City that has a Special Magic!

Faris Biogradlić is a successful BiH snowboarder and one of the few from Bosnia and Herzegovina who has entered the sport professionally.


Having placed first for BiH in many snowboarding competitions, he found himself with a bit of time, in between two trainings, to share impressions of his hometown with Sarajevo Navigator readers.

He sees Sarajevo as an interesting and unusual destination, one which offers its visitors a chance to experience different cultures that are intertwined and in harmony with one another.

- There aren’t many cities where you will hear the sound of a church bell and ezan (the call to prayer) from a mosque at the same time, and it will sound perfectly normal, shares Faris.

Faris is especially connected to Skenderija, the part of town where he grew up and where he still lives today. Every single street in this neighborhood reminds him of his childhood and the time he spent with friends.

He draws attention to the fact that there are many reasons why he loves Sarajevo, but it’s the interesting and good people, delicious food and the four distinct seasons that stand out. Of course, winter is his favorite time of year and, for him, a perfect day is a sunny Sunday during winter, when Sarajevo is covered with a layer of snow.

Faris’ favorite walking tour runs along the Miljacka on Obala Kulina Bana, and his favorite places for outings are the Olympic Mountains, Bjelašnica and Igman.

During the day, he loves to drop by Meeting Point Café, where he can drink “the best coffee in town” in peace in the laid back atmosphere.

For an evening out, he usually chooses Hag Caffe Bar, where the popular “Mucha Lucha” parties are held and where he always has a great time and meets interesting people.

As for cultural activities, he frequently takes in exhibitions at the Academy of Fine Arts.

According to Faris, the best dishes are those that can be enjoyed at Pod Lipom and Barhana, and he recommends that visitors definitely try some ćevapi at Zmaj Ćevabdžinica.

Faris maintains that the loveliest view of town is the one from Zmajevac, and he always ends up taking first-time visitors for a stroll through Baščaršija.

- Our city should be visited because it’s unusual, radiates culture, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and has quality food which should definitely be explored, says Faris, who adds that the Sarajevo Kocka (Cube) is the ideal Sarajevo souvenir.

We asked him to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and he responded with the following:

- This is a city that has a special magic which is hard to define.