Dino Šukalo

Sarajevo is a city that is aspiring to become the center of the world!

Dino Šukalo is one of BiH's best guitarists. Among other things, he is a member of the group, Sarajevo Jazz Guerilla; the Sevdah ensemble, Halka; as well as the back-up band for Dino Merlin, BiH’s greatest pop star.


While taking a breather between performances, this excellent musician revealed what he finds so special about Sarajevo.

According to Dino, given its geographical location, this city has been a sort of channel for civilizations and people who have passed through this area and left their traces here. He adds that even though Sarajevo is found in the heart of Europe, it has never really fit in with the classic European stereotype. He stresses that the capital city of BiH is a wonderful place which goes by its own rules and follows its own tempo.

He reveals that Marijin Dvor contributed the most to the development of his personality, as this was the part of town where he went to primary school, began to play the guitar and spent the greater part of his youth. He now lives in Velešići, a quiet neighborhood, just ten minutes from the center of town.

A perfect day for Dino starts in the studio, then he is in Baščaršija around noon and at rehearsals in the afternoon, then he drops by his home in the early evening and finishes the day playing at a jazz club.

His favorite walking tour through Sarajevo starts from his home in Velešići and goes past Marijin Dvor, along Valtera Perića St. and then follows Obala Maka Dizdara to the center of town.

He recommends a visit to the mountain lodge, Visočica, on Bjelašnica, where he often enjoys the excellent food, untouched nature and wonderful people.

He usually drinks his daily coffee at Havana Café in Baščaršija and chooses Monument Jazz Club for an evening out, which is where he performs regularly with Sarajevo Jazz Guerilla.

As for restaurants, his favorites are Hadžibajrić Aščinica, the traditional restaurant, Bašča, up on Sedrenik, the Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal; and fast food at Pirpa, which is ideal for a nighttime meal when one is “on the go”. He heartily recommends all who visit Sarajevo to try a pljeskavica (ground beef patty) from Mrkva Ćevabdžinica, which he says will “win over” all who try it.

For Dino, the most beautiful building in town is the devastated Olympic Museum on Petrakijina St. and the loveliest view of town is the one from the balcony belonging to his musician colleague, Mahir Sulejmanović, who lives on Mahmutovac.

He believes that the ideal souvenir every tourist should take from Sarajevo is a coffee set – fildžans (demitasses) and a džezva (pot) – from Suad Huseinović’s workshop. When asked to describe Sarajevo in one sentence, he says:

- Sarajevo is a center of the world that keeps growing!