Fredrik and Nora Schiller

Sarajevo is a city that is easy to enjoy!

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to BiH, Fredrik Schiller, and his wife, Nora, have been living in Sarajevo for two years.


While Fredrik spends his time in Sarajevo tending to diplomatic affairs, Nora is one of the main organizers of the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, a humanitarian event which has been bringing a real holiday atmosphere to Sarajevo for years now and which donates all proceeds to socially responsible projects.

Fredrik became interested in BiH and Sarajevo during the last war and he made his first visit in 1996. Nora had her first encounter with Sarajevo only in 2013, when they came to live here. She adds that she liked the city right away, describing it as a charming blend of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian civilizations.

Since they have spent a good deal of their lives in metropolises, like London and New York, they both feel that Sarajevo’s greatest advantage is its size. They point out that Sarajevo has all of the amenities of a big city and it’s very quick and easy to reach everything.

Fredrik emphasizes that, culturally speaking, BiH society is very rich and Nora adds that the ezans from the minarets make Sarajevo seem like an exotic oasis – they give you the feeling of being in a very special place.

The Schillers describe Sarajevans as extremely kind, hospitable and generous people, and they’ve made many friends here.

During their time in Sarajevo, Fredrik and Nora have been especially surprised by the custom of inviting guests to one’s home and welcoming them with great warmth and a full table.

While Nora says that she still hasn’t found a single fault with Sarajevans, Fredrik points out that the city’s inhabitants can sometimes lose too much time being idle or drinking coffee.

As for one of Sarajevo’s disadvantages, they would say that the city doesn’t have enough bicycle paths.

The Schillers’ Sarajevo ritual consists of walking with their adopted dog, Max, who used to be a stray. They also often go for a coffee and lunch in Baščaršija, where their favorite restaurant, Dveri, is located.

They go swimming every morning and when their daughter comes to visit, they love to spend the day up on the mountains around town, walking, mountaineering, skiing….

They both agree that the local food is quite tasty and, since Nora is very fond of meat specialties, they both enjoy eating ćevapi. They insist that what makes the domestic food special is the fact that the food is largely organic and that the dishes are made using quality ingredients.

When asked what they see as a symbol of Sarajevo, Nora replies that it would be the mountains that surround the city and, for Fredrik, it would be the stray dogs and his pet dog, Max!

As we ended our talk, we asked the Schillers to offer a suggestion for Sarajevo visitors and they recommend a visit to Baščaršija and the old part of town, as well as the city museums and Svrzo’s House.

They also say that visitors should definitely seek out a local guide who can take them around town and help them discover some of the hidden corners that they would otherwise miss and, as for a must-see “Sarajevo attraction”, they recommend ćevapi!

The Schillers closed our conversation with the following:

- Sarajevo is a city that is easy to enjoy!