Lejla Ćehajić

Sarajevo is a city that is full of contrasts!

Lejla Ćehajić is a Sarajevo girl and an academic sculptress whose artistic works feature prominently on BiH’s contemporary art scene. We’ve asked her to share some thoughts about Sarajevo with our readers.


Lejla asserts that Sarajevo is beautiful for its lovely nature, unique foods and rich night life, and she adds that the city’s special charm comes from the fact that it is a place where East and West meet and that it’s full of contrasts.

The part of town she is especially connected to is the section between the BiH Academy of Fine Arts and the High School of Fine Arts, which she used to attend and where she now teaches sculpting.

Favourite places

Her favorite place in Sarajevo is the plaza in front of KSC Skenderija, with its old cracked tiles which still retain the visible Olympic symbol in the concrete, and which offers a view of the city and Mt. Trebević.

She enjoys the view of town from the roof of the Gorenje building in Skenderija and she is always happy to walk along Obala Maka Dizdara and to stop off at the restaurant, Dva Ribara, or at Meeting Point Cafe.

Lejla drinks her daily coffee at Boris Smoje Gallery and, when she finds the time, she takes a walk with her dog along Wilson’s Promenade. If she’s keen to head out into nature, she chooses Trebević, Čavljak, Barice or Skakavac.

As for evenings out, she usually goes to some cafes in town and during the summer she prefers outdoor gardens. When it comes to cultural activities, she is keen to attend exhibits, plays and concerts.

Lejla’s favorite restaurant is Žara Iz Duvara, and when she eats ćevapi, she goes to Petica-Ferhatović Ćevabdžinica. She says that the Bosnian specialty, pače, is a must-try.

She thinks that the prettiest building in Sarajevo is the Evangelical Church, which is now home to the Academy of Fine Arts, and the loveliest view of Sarajevo is the one from Sedrenik and other hills around town. She is especially fond of the view from the JAT (Vakufska) “skyscraper”.

Recommendations for visitors

She would take a first-time visitor for a walk around town, all the way to Goat Bridge, and then for dinner at the restaurant, Kod Bibana, to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

She recommends a visit to the National Museum of BiH and that one get acquainted with the architectural styles of the various empires that once ruled this area.

Lejla concludes with the following: Sarajevo should be visited in order to become familiar with a different culture and new people, to broaden one’s horizons and to have a special experience. She adds that the best souvenir one could take from Sarajevo is a smile of satisfaction!