Sarajevo is a City Where You Can Make Friends Right Away!

Admir Mujkić is a graphic artist and President of the BiH Association of Visual Artists. He is the recipient of this year’s collective April 6 Award, the most prestigious recognition one can receive from the City of Sarajevo.


Admir’s route usually takes him from the Academy of Fine Arts to the Roman Petrović Gallery, where members of ULUBiH exhibit their works. Halfway between the two he stops “to pause” at the cult Sarajevo café, Dva ribara. On cold days, the Boris Smoje Gallery serves as an alternative place to rest and socialize with friends. In the evenings, Admir’s favorite destinations are the cafés Rajvosa, Mash and Pussy Galore.

He thinks that the best pizza in Sarajevo can be eaten at Galija, and he recommends gourmands to pay a visit to the restaurant Dveri. If he has any guests, he takes them to the restaurant Pod lipom so that they can try Bosnian fare, and he takes his ćevapi at Mrkva.

Admir considers Obala Maka Dizdara to be the most beautiful street in Sarajevo since that is where the Academy of Fine Arts is located, and he works there as an assistant professor in the Graphic Arts Department. As for other buildings, he thinks that the BiH Parliament building is especially beautiful.

Admir loves to go with his eight-year-old daughter to Bjelašnica and Igman, which he considers the best destination when having fun with kids – in winter they enjoy skiing and in summer there are barbecues.

- You have to visit Bjelašnica and Igman because there is no other town where you can go to the mountains in the morning and then be back home by lunchtime.

Admir attends all of ULUBiH’s exhibits at the Roman Petrović Gallery, but he also follows other exhibitions, as well as Jazz Fest, MESS and Sarajevo Winter, which ULUBiH regularly collaborates with.

He would recommend visitors to take in art exhibitions and museums, to visit Charlama Depot at Skenderija and Svrzo’s House. He adds that other sights include mosques with wooden minarets, the cemetery on Alifakovac and the White Fortress, which offers the best view of Sarajevo.

At the end of our conversation with Admir, he explains that one must visit Sarajevo for the special charm that it possesses.

- Sarajevo is a place where all wonders are possible and where you can make friends right away.