Xu Xiaoxin

Sarajevo is a city with a rich history

Having lived in Banja Luka, Xu Xiaoxin (Šu Šiao Šin, or Siniša, as he is known in BiH) from China, moved to Sarajevo in early 2018. In April of that year he opened Kineski Zid Hotel and Restaurant near the airport.


His father moved from China to Banja Luka in 1999 for work, and Xiaoxin joined him in 2002 to study IT.

- I spent 15 years in Banja Luka, only to meet my wife, a fellow Chinese, in nearby Gradiška. Our two sons, two little Bosnians, were born in BiH, and a third one is on the way.

Since the number of Chinese tourists in Sarajevo is growing, Xiaoxin decided to move here and get into the hospitality business.

- Most of our guests are Chinese and foreigners who have gotten used to Chinese food all over the world. The food served at our restaurant is partly suited to both European and Bosnian palates, because I’d like for Bosnians to become familiar with our food.

Walter Defends Sarajevo

He says that Chinese tend to visit historic sites, especially venues for the 84 WOG, as well as locations shown in the cult Yugo film, Walter Defends Sarajevo, which is still popular in China.

- People love positive stories and movies about heroes, and locations seen on TV always attract tourists. Anyway, Sarajevo is a city with a rich history and wonderful museums.

He’s glad he will have a chance to attend the EYOF, which will be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo this February.

- Many tourists are interested in the youth Olympics and the terrific ski areas on surrounding mountains.

He is full of praise for the nature around Sarajevo, the forests and rivers, remote BiH villages, as well as the nearby Croatian coast, and he cites the beauty of Zadar and Split in Croatia.

Direct flights

- To meet the needs of ever more tourists, the Sarajevo airport must be enlarged and, if possible, direct flights from China should be introduced. To make the local beauty and attractions more accessible to visitors, the roads around the country have to be fixed and more bus lines are needed to nearby excursion sites, points out Xiaoxin.

- I would love to travel all over BiH, because China doesn’t have this much natural beauty. Vrelo Bosne is the loveliest part of Sarajevo, and after a walk along Velika Aleja and a carriage ride, we usually go to Brajlović Restaurant, on the banks of the Željeznica.

Xiaoxin is keen to walk around Baščaršija, where he likes to go for ćevapi and to buy copper plates with Sarajevo motifs for loved ones, and he usually shops at SCC.

- My wife often takes the kids to the SCC Playland, to the cinema and for a ride on the Trebević cable car.

He says BiH is an interesting and special country steeped in tradition and that it’s very nice to live here, especially when you know the local language, but the fog and air pollution bother him in winter.

- There isn't a big difference between Chinese and Bosnian mentalities, because we all just want to live our lives in peace.