Evarastri Ratna

Sarajevo is a city with a soul!

Evarastri Ratna is from Surabaya, Indonesia and she came to Sarajevo in 2009, when she opened My Spa Beauty and Wellness Studio. It was renamed Sundara Spa in 2014 and is located on 6 Mis Irbina.


She read a lot about our city before coming and was taken with the Lonely Planet articles that described Sarajevo as a “city with a soul”.

As BiH and Indonesia are on friendly terms, Evarastri decided to move here and promote her country’s culture.

- I wanted to bring something new and unique to this community and I have no regrets. People here tend to be open-minded, warm and friendly. At the very start we were met with open arms and Sarajevans’ readiness to help. And they’re like this with all foreigners, not just us.

The city with a rich history

Evarastri sees Sarajevo as a city with a rich history and every historical period has something to offer. Attracted to spirituality, she loves to walk around Baščaršija and often visits Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque.

- I feel a certain warmth when visiting this wonderful mystical object. It’s like I’ve gone back into the city’s past.

Her walk through Čaršija usually takes her to Sebilj, where she loves to observe the center of old Sarajevo, the flocks of pigeons and artisans’ workshops.

She says visitors should go to the National Museum and the Historycal Museum, and the garden at the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts in BiH.

- Sarajevo is an incredibly small city; you can walk through the whole town on foot and not get lost. It’s full of unique historical buildings, like Vijećnica and the Academy of Fine Arts, and the museums are full of interesting facts about WWI, WWII and the Siege of Sarajevo during the ‘90s.

Evarastri’s favorite cafes are Palma and Tito and, since she doesn’t like the crowds that flock there on weekends, she tends to visit during the week. But crowds don’t bother her during the city's major festivals.

- I love the Sarajevo Film Festival and Baščaršija Nights, when I can choose from among so many cultural events worth attending, says Evarastri. She adds that out of all of Sarajevo’s constructions, she really enjoys looking at the Festina Lente Bridge.

Many wonderful things to explore

She finds calm weekend oases at the restaurants “scattered” throughout Sarajevo mahalas, which offer great views of town.

- I usually enjoy the view from Kibe Mahala, Kod Bibana, Park Prinčeva or Kamarija Point of View Cafe. At times I visit Žuta Tabija and, seeing the city from above, I feel there are still many wonderful things to explore in Sarajevo, then I turn that search into my own little mission.

If visitors want to have a top experience of Sarajevo, she highly suggests the restaurant, Avlija, with its charming interior and varied menu.

She also visits Four Seasons and Mala Kuhinja, where she can enjoy some Asian food; Četiri Sobe Gospođe Safije, which is praised by all who visit; and she enjoys fish specialties at Kod Bibana and Luka Sarajevo.

For Evarastri, a perfect day in our city is a winter day with lots of snow.

- Since there is no snow in Southeast Asia, the loveliest season in Sarajevo, for me, is a snowy winter. I often visit Bjelašnica, and this winter I plan on giving more time to skiing.

Evarastri ends our talk with the following:

Sarajevo is a city where the past and future are intertwined, it’s overflowing with positive energy and wonderful moments.