Haris Pašović

Sarajevo is a metropolis and a necropolis!

For years now, Haris Pašović, one of BiH’s most acclaimed directors, has been delighting audiences with his excellent plays, performances and films....


This famous director shared some impressions of his hometown, where he has enjoyed great success.

For Pašović, Sarajevo is quite an interesting city – at times it’s incredibly charming, mysterious and very entertaining; at others it’s either sad or totally silly! It’s this constant flux and unpredictability that makes Sarajevo such a challenging city.

What he likes most about Sarajevo is his friends and the viewing public, and he points out that Sarajevans are the city’s most interesting feature because you can meet smart, witty and simple people everywhere.

When strolling around town, his route will always bring him to one of his favorite ćevabdžinicas, Petica or Mrkva, where he eats Sarajevo’s famous specialty, ćevapčići.

As for restaurants, he usually visits Tavola, Preporod, Vinoteka and Kod Kibeta.

If he’s in a hurry, he stops by Pirpa for some fast food. He enjoys traditional Bosnian cuisine at Aščinica ASDŽ, where he says Sarajevo visitors should definitely try some klepe (Bosnian ravioli).

Since he loves to drink coffee quite often, any café that serves quality coffee is a favorite spot for him.

Although he’s not so fond of going out in the evenings, for those who are looking for top evening entertainment, Haris recommends the club, Monument, where the Sarajevo band, Jazz Guerilla, has weekly gigs.

As for art, Haris considers Sarajevo a very creative city and he enjoys its many outstanding cultural events. He also adds that the city has top artists from the world of theater, film, music, dance, architecture, visual arts, photography....

This famous director has a favorite spot in Sarajevo, at the intersection of Titova and Ali Pašina Streets. In this compact area you can find the Ottoman style of Ali Pasha’s Mosque; the Institute of Hygiene with its socialist realism; one Austro-Hungarian building that houses the club, Rooms; as well as a modern building with a bookstore at ground level.

In his opinion, the most beautiful view of Sarajevo is the one from Žuta Tabija, where he would take every first-time visitor.

According to Haris, “The main reason one should visit Sarajevo is the fact that this is the most important European city of the 20th century,” and, when asked to describe Sarajevo in one sentence, his response was:

- Sarajevo is a metropolis and a necropolis!