Damir Nikšić

Sarajevo is a museum of the entire world!

Artist Damir Nikšić “honed his craft” while studying and working in BiH, Italy and the USA. 


He says Sarajevo is a special city because over the centuries various civilizations and cultures have left their mark here and the architecture and history testify to how this city’s cosmopolitan tradition serves as a museum of the entire world.

Snow globe

- All of world history is also our history. A professor of mine in Arizona told me how, while watching our Olympics, he noticed that our city looked like a big snow globe and, instead of Disneyland, the Kremlin or other landmarks, it has religious buildings that show Byzantine, Ottoman and Gothic architecture. I think this “civilizational Bosnian pot” would make the perfect Sarajevo souvenir.

He says that this small, charming and charismatic town is often able to accomplish things larger cities cannot.

- A perfect example is the Sarajevo Film Festival and Jazz Fest, which are now world renowned. Sarajevo already had a great scene that produced incredible artists. Here either everything or nothing is possible. On one hand there are the struggles of everyday life, or the fact that Sarajevo does not have a disco, and on the other there are sparks of true genius.

Damir sees humor as something unique to Sarajevo which should be nurtured. He has been cast in the new season of Nadreality Show, which uses humor to draw attention to social problems.

Walks through mahalas

He usually takes his son, Rafi, to Sunnyland, Pionirska Dolina, Brus and Wilson’s Promenade. He often walks up through the mahalas of the old town to reach Barice and says that, given the traffic jams, cable car lines should be installed for every neighborhood on the slopes above town.

- Besides pie and foods made with pastry and vegetables, Sarajevo has many meat and dairy specialties. Visitors should try Bosnian cheeses, especially Vlašić cheese, and go to Spazio Cafe for some great coffee.