Emina Husedžinović-Ibrahimović

Sarajevo is a noble city

As a BiH fashion designer, Emina marked 20 years in the business in 2018, and, besides her work on pieces that will be worn on the red carpet by celebrities during the jubilee SFF, she is also committed to new projects.


Born in Banja Luka, after studying in Zagreb, Emina came to Sarajevo and stayed after falling in love with it.

- Sarajevo is a special city that you can be angry with at times because it asks a lot of you, but, at the same time, it gives a lot. I was drawn by the warmth and directness of people here, because hospitality is a source of nobility, and this city is noble.

In affirming BiH's rich cultural heritage, Emina has integrated BiH culture and architectural symbols into her collection, which she plans to unveil in autumn.

- This collection of casual wear and haut couture pieces promotes sevdalinka, as well as some of the Turkish words our language has retained, and the sayings and quotes will go with suitable drawings on t-shirts for the whole family.

Coolection decorated by bh. attractions

Seeing haute couture as a branch of fashion closest to the arts, she has devoted a large part of her new project to it.

- Silk dresses, outfits and jumpsuits in intense hues will have embroidered contours of sights like Vijećnica, Cathedral, Bey's Mosque, Sebilj, the Old Bridge in Mostar.... The whole event will go along with a photo exhibit that promotes the designs and beauties of BiH.

Emina often works with Omar Krasnić, who has adapted his coppersmithing to modern times, making jewelry, lamps, guitars...in his studio, Omar Art, on Kovači St.

- At Omar Art you can find the perfect souvenir, and, for me, an authentic Sarajevo gift is a copper coffee set, which is a symbol of socializing in Sarajevo.

She says visitors shouldn't miss a chance to see Sarajevo's mighty buildings.

- I would take guests to all the churches, mosques and synagogues, for a walk around Baščaršija to Vijećnica, then to Trebević via the cable car.

She says Vrelo Bosne is the prettiest outing spot, but she also calls on Sarajevans to get busy taking care of nature and cleaning the city.

- One shouldn't be surprised that remains of the Butmir culture have been found in lovely Ilidža, or that the Austro-Hungarian authorities decided to urbanize that area.

Summer in the park

Her favorite museums are the Museum Sarajevo and the National Museum with its Haggadah, ethnology section and botanical garden. She says SFF attracts the most tourists, she also mentions Fashion Week and the Book Fair; as for family summer fun, she suggests Summer in the Park - Hastahana, which, besides food services, has gigs, free fitness classes, movies, sports....

Emina says gourmets should visit Piccolo Mondo, Montana, Začin and Kuća Dobre Hrane, and try pie in Nagib Buregdžinica and ćevapi at Besko Ćevabdžinica in Hrasno.

For those who really want to get to know BiH better, she recommends trips to Stolac, Mostar and Herceg Etno Selo in Međugorje.