Jasminko Halilović

Sarajevo is a small but very important city

Jasminko Halilović, founder and director of the War Childhood Museum, has written the monograph, Sarajevo – My City, a Place to Meet, and the book, War Childhood. The latter was the basis for the founding of Sarajevo’s newest museum in January 2017.


This is the only museum of its kind in the world to deal with the topic of children growing up during war and its unique concept attracts visitors of all ages.

- Those who grew up during WWII and the last war in BiH had similar experiences and memories, but a visitor born after the war can see the advantages of growing up during a time of peace.

Sony walkman

It is fascinating to him that all generations relate to the museum.

- Those who used a Sony Walkman are delighted to stand at a display and recall their own childhood, then there are younger visitors who have never seen one. The museum makes a deep impression on most visitors, who leave thinking differently about life.

He is glad that Sarajevo is regaining an appreciation for museums and that museum doors are wide open to children.

- One should visit the National Museum to get some insight into BiH’s cultural-historical heritage; the Tunnel of Hope and Gallery 11/07/95 testify to the last war; Svrzo House shows unique architecture from the Ottoman Period….

He suggests a visit to the bob sled track, which he calls an underrated symbol of Sarajevo.

- The bob sled track on Trebević – which was built before the Olympics, destroyed during the war and sprayed with graffiti after the war – offers a great view of town and lovely nature.

Walk through Baščaršija

He says visitors can get acquainted with local traditions by taking an early morning walk through Baščaršija and surrounding mahalas, trying some food at Hadžibajrić Aščinica, pljeskavica at Mrkva, ice cream at Egipat, and enjoying BiH wine and brandy and Sarajevsko Pivo.

For Jasminko, Sarajevo – a meeting place of cultures – is one of the world’s loveliest cities.

- Its greatness and significance are immeasurable, for it is a very small but very important city.