Emela Burdžović

Sarajevo is a small town that is full of great stories!

Emela Burdžović, a former radio and TV presenter, is now co-owner of the small Franz Ferdinand Hostel in the center of Sarajevo and was more than happy to share her thoughts on her hometown, Sarajevo.


At the very start of our conversation Emela makes note of how interesting Sarajevo is, admitting that she has come to know this, in large part, thanks to the daily contact she has with tourists. The very location of the city itself is a real piece of heaven and Emela adds that there are many kind and wonderful people, not to mention the rich history and interesting stories, all of which can be found in a relatively small area.

Emela was born and raised in Grbavica, which she still considers the most beautiful neighborhood in Sarajevo, even though she currently lives in Dobrinja, which she says is perfect for family life.

One of the reasons Emela is in love with Sarajevo is the unmistakable sense of humor Sarajevans have and she is delighted by their warmth and hospitality, which makes the ever-increasing alienation between people in Sarajevo easier to bear.

She usually drinks her daily coffee at Radio Caffe on Štrosmajerova St., but often goes to Delikatesna Radnja, Tito and Day Time on Ciglane.

As for an evening out, her choices include Dekanter, Boris Smoje Gallery, Noovi, Začin and Mala Kuhinja. She also adds that she enjoys listening to some good jazz music at Monument.

Since she is a real lover of films, Sarajevo Film Festival is Emela's favorite cultural manifestation. She also likes to see interesting performances at SARTR or Kamerni Theater 55 and take in a good concert during Jazz Fest.

When deciding on an outing, Emela goes to Bjelašnica with her family, as there is nothing nicer than getting away from the hot city streets by going up on this magnificent and wild mountain.

Whenever she gets hungry, Emela's first choice is Tavola. She also likes Noovi and the wonderful ambient and delicious food served at Kod Kibeta. She takes her ćevapi at Petica and Galatasaraj and strongly recommends this traditional Sarajevo specialty to all who visit.

She says the following are definite must-sees for those who visit Sarajevo for the first time: Baščaršija, Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, Bijela and Žuta Tabija, the Old Orthodox Church, Alifakovac, Vratnik, Svrzo's House and Despić's House.

Emela describes Sarajevo as a place where you can rest your soul while experiencing the blend of East and West. She suggests that the loveliest souvenirs one can take from Sarajevo are some of the replicas of traditional BiH jewelry made by the jeweler, Sofić, as well as getting to know Sarajevans.

As we closed our conversation, we asked Emela to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she had this to offer:

- This is a small town that is full of great stories and even greater people!