Senad Bajramović and Rasim Purivatra

Sarajevo is a thin line that connects East and West!

Senad Bajramović and Rasim Purivatra both work as chefs at Sarajevo’s fusion restaurant, Mala Kuhinja, which is unique in that it allows visitors to have direct contact with the chefs.


All dishes are prepared right in front of guests and there is no set menu, rather the offering depends on the freshest ingredients available that day.

Senad and Rasim shared some of their impressions of Sarajevo and revealed what it is they find so fascinating about our city.

They agree that Sarajevo is an extremely exciting and special city, a place where turbulent history, kind people and a great gastronomic offer have all “collided”.

What Rasim enjoys doing most in his free time is going on long walks to Kozija Ćuprija, while Senad prefers sitting in a car and heading to his favorite picnic spot, Brus, up on Trebević, where he loves to walk in the clean air.

As for cultural activities, Senad relates that he often takes in some performances by Kamerni Theater 55 or a film at the Cinema City Multiplex.

They both usually drink their daily coffee at work (at Mala Kuhinja) and as for other restaurants, they suggest 4 Sobe Gospođe Safije, Kod Kibeta and Tavola. For avid meat lovers, Senad also recommends a visit to Brajlović.

While they both love to eat their ćevapi at Ferhatović, Rasim will sometimes stop by Mrkva and Senad also recommends Kastel’s Banja Luka ćevapi. For those who haven’t had a chance to try Bosnian food, Rasim and Senad recommend Bosanski lonac and Sarajevska čorba, respectively.

Rasim cites the Avaz Twist Tower as the most beautiful building in Sarajevo, but Senad insists that Vijećnica is unique and is his symbol of Sarajevo.

Both agree that the most spectacular view of the city is from Vratnik, at the overlook in front of the entrance to the former Jajce Barracks. Besides taking in vantage points around town, they also recommend that tourists visit the Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918 and the Tunnel of Hope.

These two fine chefs also mention that “Special attention should be paid to the Sarajevo Roses – symbols of those who were killed during the war – and before leaving our city you should drink some water at Bey’s Mosque, so that you’ll be sure to return to Sarajevo.”

They believe that the best souvenir someone can take from Sarajevo is that warm feeling visitors often carry with them when leaving our city. Kind Sarajevans, who are known for their hospitality, make sure that a guest’s stay in their town remains an unforgettable memory.

In closing, we asked Rasim and Senad to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and they had this to share: “This is a beauty found nowhere else in all of Europe”, replied Rasim, to which Senad added that Sarajevo is “a thin line that connects East and West!”