Maja Izetbegović

Sarajevo is an example of what I imagine Europe to be

Successful B&H actress Maja Izetbegović was eager to share her own experiences of Sarajevo with us.


Diversity, the link between the traditional and the modern, religious plurality and the fact that this city is living proof of the idea that all differences can be overcome and that harmony can be established are the things that most connect Maja to Sarajevo.

Maja grew up in Alipašino Polje and, as she says, every crack in the asphalt, every tree, every park in the C-block is deeply engrained in her memory. She also has a connection with Gorica, where she would often go to see her father’s mother, who first introduced her to Sarajevo’s history during their long walks together.

She loves to walk along the Miljacka on the side with the Art Academy and she’s inspired by walks through Baščaršija just before sunset.

When she wants to get out of Sarajevo she goes to Crepoljsko for nice walks, which she says are wonderful to take at any time of year. She feels that Sarajevo is loveliest during spring because of the blossoms and it’s when one can trade dark coats for colorful clothes.

She loves to drink coffee at Miris Dunja and Rahatlook because both cafes have an ambience that really appeals to her and she can’t resist the home-made elder and rose juices.

For evenings out with friends, she usually chooses the restau-rant, Četiri Sobe Gospođe Safije for its wonderful atmosphere and food and she also recommends Tavola and Avlija. She most often eats her ćevapi at Petica.

As for cultural events, she insists that she is happiest during festivals, especially MESS, when there is a chance for her to take in top performances and she considers SFF one of the most significant film events in this part of Europe.

She is able to find solace and peace in the courtyard of Bey’s Mosque and in Great Park and she thinks that the Academy of Fine Arts is the most beautiful building in town.

She says that Sarajevo is beautiful from any vantage point, but her favorite view is the one from the window in a room of the house where she grew up.

For those who are visiting Sarajevo for a day, Maja recommends a walk through the mahalas, as well as a visit to the Historical Museum of B&H and the Tunnel of Hope.

In her mind, one should visit Sarajevo for its specific history and the energy of resistance which is still felt even today.

We asked Maja to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she offered the following:

- For me, Sarajevo is an example of what I imagine Europe to be!