Selma Spahić

Sarajevo is an Exciting, Exploratory Adventure!

Selma Spahić is a young director who works as a selector for the Future MESS program during the International Theater Festival MESS.


Selma recently directed the play, "Tajna džema od malina", at the Sarajevo War Theater SARTR, as based on the collection of stories by writer Karim Zaimović, who was killed at the end of the war in 1995. The play has become a hit among the Sarajevo public.

Selma was born in Zenica, but a large part of her life has been connected to Sarajevo, where she currently lives and works. She draws inspiration from the small and dilapidated Kalmija Baruha St., and then there are Kralja Tvrtka, Grbavička, Aleja Lipa, Josipa Vancaša and especially Koševo street, where she used to hang out with friends over the years.

Her favorite walking route is along Wilson’s Promenade, but she also likes to wander up through the mahalas to Bijela tabija (White Fortress). She thinks the Olympic Museum is the most beautiful building in Sarajevo, and her favorite one is the Astra factory in Otoka, which she believes could be turned into a wonderful theater.

Selma usually drinks her daily coffee in one of the many gardens in town. She suggests that visitors should try out a few locations and enjoy this ritual in different parts of the city. She says that Sarajevo has great restaurants on every corner, and she can find whatever she wants at any time.

As for Sarajevo’s cultural festivals, Selma attends them all, but the most special time of year for her is during MESS – when a window opens up onto theater from around the world.

When asked why she loves Sarajevo, she explains:

- I love it because of the irregularities in architecture which offer a certain charm, the interesting history behind almost every building in the city center and for the microcosm that you can build for yourself.

Selma recommends a somewhat different vantage point of Sarajevo – the one from the Jewish cemetery, which she insists is one of the most interesting places in town. She recommends that visitors find someone to take them around Sarajevo, for then the city turns into an adventure.

In closing, Selma describes Sarajevo in one sentence for our readers:

- This city is an exciting, exploratory and historical adventure!