Una Bejtović

Sarajevo is heaven on earth

Una Bejtović is a Sarajevan girl who, after more than 20 years of working in the media, started her own PR agency (2013). Bejtović Communications promotes major projects from the world of sports, arts, culture, human rights....


Una completed her studies in Literature of the Peoples of BiH and Bosnian and did her Masters on Democracy and Human Rights. For years she has been active with the MESS and Pravo Ljudski Festivals, the FAMA Museum of the Siege of Sarajevo, the Srebrenica Project – Mapping Genocide... and she received the 2012 PRO.PR Award for outstanding work in public relations.

The most vivid town in the world

Una describes Sarajevo with the following:

- This is the most vivid town in the world, where you have the luxury of going for a quick coffee with friends during working hours. We who live here often take for granted the fact that professional and private spheres overlap, just as we do all of the other little portraits that make up the lovely mosaic of life in this city.

Una’s perfect day includes a walk through Baščaršija to Miris Dunja, where she has her morning coffee and reads the paper. She heads to Mrkva Ćevabdžinica for the perfect pljeskavica, to Željo for ćevapi and to Hodžić for sudžukica.

- When I want to treat myself, I go to Bašča Kod Ene, whose mućkalica is a culinary delight, and I enjoy it with a view of Sarajevo.

She goes to Metropolis and Torte i to for cakes and ASDŽ Aščinica is her favorite for traditional sweets, namely tufahija.

- I usually spend the evenings having dinner with friends in the quiet atmosphere of Mala Kuhinja or Avlija, and visit Opera Cafe or attend some cultural events.

Spiritual tourism

She believes that Sarajevo should be developed as a “spiritual tourism” destination because she believes that, after Mecca and Medina, it is the loveliest place to spend Ramadan.

- Sarajevo is heaven on earth, for it is the 500-year legacy of Islam which has made life possible with others, despite differences.

She lists Žuta Tabija, Kamarija Point of View and the restaurant, Kod Bibana, as the loveliest vantage points in town and says that Wilson’s Promenade is the most beautiful urban green oasis.

- The National Museum contains 1,001 Sarajevo stories and is the most relevant ID for our culture and identity, she adds, and then concludes with:

- Visitors should take a zvekir and copper coffee set so that they can be constantly reminded of our charming city and the laid-back people who enjoy the quick pulse of city life.