Srđan Jevđević

Sarajevo is My Home!

Srđan Jevđević is born in Sarajevo and he is the frontman for the punk rock band Kultur Shock from Seattle (USA), where he now lives. 


He visits his hometown whenever he gets the chance and this time he came to perform as part of the 8th Annual Sarajevo Music Stage concert series, which is always held during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Srđan is closely connected to the neighborhood, Grbavica, where he played football and basketball in the recreational area of the Faculty of Forestry during his childhood. He attended Boriša Kovačević Primary School (now known as Grbavica 1 Primary School) and he learned to play the guitar and drums at the Boško Buha Pioneer Center, where he formed his first band. Even today, he enjoys taking walks along Wilson’s Promenade and strolls from Baščaršija to Parkuša are also dear to his heart.

During his recent stay in Sarajevo, Srđan usually drank his daily coffee in Delikatesna radnja, and he enjoyed the club, Pussy Galore, in Baščaršija. As for food, he admits that when he is in Sarajevo he prefers to eat at his mom’s, but when he goes out for ćevapi he visits the old ćevabdžinica, Agronom, in Grbavica. He loves to eat pita at the buregdžinica run by the well-known Bećiri family at Markale Market, which he discovered while still a student at First Gymnasium.

Srđan points out that he likes all of Sarajevo’s major cultural festivals, and would love to be able to attend the MESS Theater Festival more often, since he does theater as much as he does music. He finds the National Theater building the most beautiful in town and he uses every visit to Sarajevo to attend as many theater productions as he can.

He recommends visitors to Sarajevo to make the trek up to Vratnik, to view the city from Bijela Tabija; then they could visit Baščaršija and Kazandžiluk Street. Srđan makes special mention of the line which divides the Austro - Hungarian and Ottoman parts of Sarajevo and which is located at “Sweet Corner”:

- In no other town does there exist such a demarcation, which actually divides East from West.

In closing, Srđan tries to sum up Sarajevo in one sentence:

- Sarajevo is simply… home, and nothing will ever be mine as much as Sarajevo!