Mario Drmać

Sarajevo is my second home!

The actor, Mario Drmać, Director of the Sarajevo Youth Theater, has been living in this city for almost 20 years now.


His first memories that relate to Sarajevo are those from his early childhood, when he watched the opening of the XIV Winter Olympic Games. Of course, back then, he could never have dreamt of leaving his hometown of Mostar for Sarajevo, but that he did in 1997. He says, at that time, he was welcomed by a city that was full of warmth and which he eagerly explored and got acquainted with.

The part of town that has marked his life here in Sarajevo till now is the area that lies between Vijećnica and the Academy of Performing Arts, which is where he used to walk while studying acting. He later became familiar with other parts of town and has come to the conclusion that Sarajevo is a small city, even though it can sometimes seem much larger! He now lives in Višnjik and enjoys the peace this neighborhood has to offer.

For Mario, a perfect day in Sarajevo is one that starts with an easy stroll around town, after which he goes for ćevapi at his favorite ćevabdžinica, Željo. This is followed by having some sweets and then buying some snacks at Badem Butik; after that he “savors the moment” by having some Bosnian coffee and hurmašica at Aeroplan Restaurant.

Mario is a big fan of mountaineering, so when he’s ready for a break from the city, he often visits Skakavac Waterfall, as well as the excursion spot, Stojčevac, and Bijambare Cave. When time permits, he also likes to go biking to Bentbaša or Vrelo Bosne.

He usually drinks his daily coffee at Dal Padrino, Delikatesna Radnja and the Academy of Performing Arts. As for cultural activities, he is fondest of attending theater premiers.

Mario’s favorite Sarajevo restaurants are Metropolis, Vapiano, Montana and Pod Lipa Aščinica and he would recommend that visitors try the traditional specialties, klepe and japrak sarma.

We asked him where one could take in the loveliest view of Sarajevo and he told us that it would be from the balcony at Hecco Deluxe Hotel on Ferhadija St.

He would take first-time visitors for ćevapi and then to enjoy some of the beautiful nature surrounding the city. He would definitely recommend that they walk around the center of town and go to some theaters. Mario says that the best souvenir from Sarajevo is a DVD of some BiH films.

In closing our conversation we asked Mario to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and he replied with the following:

- Sarajevo is my second home.