Vedrana Seksan

Sarajevo is the City I’ve Chosen as My Home!

Vedrana Seksan, a Sarajevo actress and a columnist for the magazine, Gracija, told us her story of Sarajevo.


Vedrana was born in Mejtaš, where Jerlagić Bakery, the Olympic Museum and the playground of Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević School all featured in her childhood. These buildings are not what they used to be, but Vedrana has fond memories of them.

Mejtaš is still her favorite part of Sarajevo – there is Veliki park where she used to go sledding with her father and where “the deadly lane” became an infamous sledding path that no one would dare go down alone. Vedrana loves to cross through Veliki park and sit on one of the special benches which once served as a resting spot for her and her father after sledding.

As for taking walks, Vedrana chooses Wilson’s Promenade, where she loves to go with her two children in the afternoons. She also likes to take her two-year-old son to the playroom at Alta Shopping Center, where she can restand drink her coffee in peace while her son plays.

Vedrana usually drinks her daily coffee at Rahatlook in Baščaršija, because she says it is full of charm and the owner treats the customers just like she would guests in her own home.

She doesn’t go out so often in the evenings, but when she does she likes to attend Atelier Figure on Danijela Ozme, where exhibitions, concerts and book promotions, etc. are held. She feels that MESS is the most important cultural manifestation for, naturally, theater is her favorite form of art.

Vedrana’s favorite building in Sarajevo is the one which once housed the Olympic Museum, and which she says looks impressive even though it is in ruins. As for the most beautiful view of Sarajevo, a rather unusual one comes to her mind – the view from the stage of National Theater!

For those who are visiting Sarajevo for the first time, Vedrana heartily recommends the following:

- Socialize with people. That’s the best way for you to come to know the city in its full beauty.

In closing, Vedrana describes Sarajevo in one sentence:

- Sarajevo is the city I’ve chosen as my home!