Sead and Nihad Kreševljaković

Sarajevo is the city of the future!

We had a coffee with the Kreševljaković brothers, who were more than happy to share their stories of Sarajevo. Nihad is a historian and director of the Sarajevo War Theater (SARTR), and Sead has been working in the media for a few years and works for Al Jazeera Balkans.


The brothers spent their childhood on Mjedenica St. and even today it serves as the center of their microcosm. Vratnik, Bistrik and Baščaršija are their favorite parts of town and Sead also mentions the attractive neighborhoods of Buća Potok, Kromolj and Alipašino Polje.

Nihad loves to stroll through mahalas and he recommends a drive through the entire city – from Dobrinja, then to Bistrik and Vratnik and all the way to Sedam Šuma. Sead, however, feels that every part of Sarajevo is interesting to see because of the diverse architecture.

Both love to visit Čavljak and Sead says that Sarajevans enjoy the rare blessing of having gorgeous nature only ten minutes from the center of town.

During the day they drink coffee at CDA (Gabelina 16), which is where SARTR is located. Sead rarely goes out in the evenings, but Nihad usually goes to Kod Bibana, a restaurant which offers a lovely view. As for ćevapi, Nihad likes Petica and Sead prefers Mrkva.

Both agree that Sarajevo offers a rich cultural program and the most important events are SFF, MESS plus the many theater performances.

They also agree that it’s the people that make Sarajevo special, so they recommend a visit during the month of Ramadan – a time when there is a special atmosphere and energy and good people become even better!

The courtyard of Bey’s Mosque is where Sead and Nihad can find some peace and they think it’s one of the most beautiful buildings in town. The nicest view of the city is from Hendek cemetery, which is where their grandfather, Hamdija Kreševljaković (a famous historian), is buried.

Sead says that tourists should definitely visit Baščaršija and the Tunnel of Hope and then take a walk through the center of town and drive along the bypass above the city. Nihad recommends a walk from Vijećnica toward Alipašino Polje so that visitors can take in Sarajevo’s history.

In closing, we asked the brothers to describe BiH’s capital city in one sentence and they agreed upon the following:

- Sarajevo is the city of the future and one of the most extraordinary cities on the planet!