Edin Džeko

Sarajevo is the most beautiful city in the world

The best BiH footballer, Edin Džeko of Sarajevo, currently lives in Rome, where he plays for A.S. Roma, the team he played with last season and for the Champions League semi-finals.


During his rich career he has played for clubs in the Czech Republic, Germany and England and now Italy, so he often misses family and friends who live in Sarajevo.

- It's redundant to talk about the beauty of Rome, where I live, or Dubrovnik, where I relax most often, but in Sarajevo I feel at home. I love this city in a special way and here I fill myself with extra energy, especially after a tiring season.

He is proud that his sporting success draws attention to his home country.

- Every time someone mentions my name somewhere, the BiH flag is behind me. The better results we athletes have, the more people will be interested in where we got started and were born, which often results in a wish to visit our country.

He says many of his teammates have visited BiH and others plan to do so soon.

Simplicity and approachability of people 

- The simplicity and approachability of our people makes an enormous impression on public figures and tourists from around the world. A Sarajevan will always find time to help you, whether it is giving directions or more important things.

He sees that the open souls of Sarajevans and the diversity of Sarajevo are what make it specific.

- All who come here feel at home. There are so many diversities, cultures and people in one place, and it all functions almost perfectly.

As an ambassador for UNICEF and Youth Sports Games he spends most of his time with kids, so he isn't left with a lot of free time.

- The mountains around Sarajevo are ideal places for a rest and to enjoy with kids, and every time we come we go to Trebević with the cable car, then to Sunnyland to ride the Alpine Coaster.

He says everyone should try traditional Bosnian food, which he himself prefers. He points out that with so many restaurants having great food, it is hard to choose just one.

- One should not miss the restaurant Brajlović in Ilidža. The service is excellent and the portions are enormous even for meat lovers. Everyone loves Sarajevo ćevapi and pita, so wherever you eat in Baščaršija, you won't go wrong.

Proud of SFF

As a Sarajevan, Edin states that he is very proud of the great Sarajevo brand, Sarajevo Film Festival, and he says he knows many people who visit just for this film festival, the largest in SE Europe.

He suggests that visitors walk around Baščaršija, visit Sebilj and buy some copper handicrafts, and to have a coffee at Vatra and Delikatesna Radnja.

- With every visit to Sarajevo I see something I didn't see before, like I'm coming to some other city that is constantly growing. A lot really is being done to build and modernize Sarajevo – says Edin, who concludes with:

- For me, Sarajevo is the most beautiful city in the world, which I keep coming back to and where I feel the nicest.