Mirela Trepanić

Sarajevo is Unpredictable and Spontaneous!

We enjoyed a cup of Nescafé with Mirela Trepanić, director of the popular plays, “Ja, mahaluša”, “Uloga života”, “Princeza na zrnu graška”, “Cosa Nostra” and “Ja sam životinja”.


Mirela’s life in Sarajevo has been defined by her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, and her favorite part of town lies between Chamber Theater 55 and the Center for Culture Sarajevo, where her plays are put on. She enjoys going with friends on walks from the Jewish Museum to the Children’s Square at BBI Center, then finishing with coffee and sharing impressions.

Mirela usually drinks coffee at Hecco Deluxe (JAT skyscraper) – on the terrace during the summer and in the cozy hotel café during winter. In the evenings, unless she goes to a concert, the cinema or theater, she enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of cafés Sova or Rahatlook.

Italian cuisine is her favorite, so she frequents Trattoria Uno. She treats herself to cakes at Hotel Bristol’s restaurant or at Slatko & Slano, and she usually has ćevapi at Hodžić’s.

From among Sarajevo’s many cultural festivals, Mirela favors SFF and MESS, but she appreciates the excellent programs during Baščaršija Nights, Days of Comedy at the Center for Culture Sarajevo, Sarajevo Winter, Sevdah Fest, Ballet Fest and Jazz Fest.

When she has the chance to get out of town, Mirela goes to her weekend house in Rakovica and spends time with her family. When in town, she finds peace along Wilson’s Walkway and she loves winters in Sarajevo, given the nearby ski slopes.

Mirela recommends visitors the following tour of Sarajevo:

- Visit the sights in the old part of town: Baščaršija, Sebilj, Sevdah Art House, Despić House, Museum 1878-1918, Brusa Bezistan, Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque, the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, the Old Orthodox Church, the Jewish Museum of BiH...; end the tour with a view from Žuta tabija (Yellow Fortress), which offers an excellent view of my favorite building – Vijećnica (City Hall).

In closing, Mirela shares why she loves Sarajevo:

- Because it is unpredictable, spontaneous, and for those who know, it offers a chance for them to prove themselves!