Sarajevo’s Most Important Attraction is its Ambiance!

Vesna Andree Zaimović, is a musicologist who has been working in the media for the last 25 years. She is the editor of web portal, which became relevant and influential city media outlet during a very short period of time.


A part of Sarajevo to which Vesna is particularly tied is Marijin Dvor, a neighborhood where she grew up, and where she resides again, after a three-decades absence, and where she can enjoy greenery and the lovely architecture.

Vesna is fond of Wilson’s Walkway, where she spends a good portion of her free time, and also likes the atmosphere of Radićeva Street. When days are warmer, Vesna likes to get away to the nearby Pazarić, where she spends her time walking and barbequing. The winter weekends are reserved for Jahorina because of the well-tended ski and snowboard slopes. She emphasizes that it would be nice if the spirit of the Olympics was returned to Sarajevo, and if the ice hall and the ski resorts are restored so the winter becomes even a better fit for the city.

About the best view on Sarajevo, Vesna says:

- My favorite view is the one seen when coming back from Zenica to Sarajevo through Kobilja glava pass – it is not a special view, but a feeling to know that you’re going to be home soon is a pleasing one.

Even though she rarely has her coffee during the day because of the busy schedule, she usually chooses café Otto von Habsburg, in Branilaca Sarajeva Street, mainly for brief meetings. In the evening hours she likes to attend performances of Sarajevo Jazz Guerilla or visit Fis, and then go to Vinoteka Dekanter in Radićeva Street or to the restaurant Četiri sobe gospođe Safije. She often visits performances of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, operas, theater plays and concerts of her favorite bands. Vesna’s favorite festival is MESS because it unites all arts into one.

She recommends the newly opened restaurant Druga kuća, located on the spot where Via del Corso used to stand, finding it ideal for a nice family lunch. When in the mood for ćevapi, she chooses ćevabdžinica Mrkva.

When it comes to reasons to visit Sarajevo, Vesna says:

- You can visit the entire city by foot and not get tired. You can also sit for hours in some small café, without feeling guilty that you’ll miss seeing some important attraction.

The most important Sarajevo tourist attraction is its overall ambiance!