Ermin Bravo

The clashes of contradictions give Sarajevo its charm!

Ermin Bravo, a successful Sarajevo actor in film and on stage, has revealed that, as he gets older, he’s coming to better recognize and love Sarajevo’s unique spirit, which visitors tend to fall in love with.


He adds that the constant clashes of contradictions give Sarajevo a special charm and that, at the same time, Sarajevo is constantly flirting with both a provincial image and that of a world metropolis.

The neighborhoods that have featured in his life are Višnjik and Bjelave and Ermin sees them as the finest blends of mahala and haustor, which are two completely different concepts of Sarajevo life. He is currently living in a new neighborhood, Buća Potok, which he loves because he can hear birds chirping from his balcony.

One of the reasons why he loves Sarajevo is that it’s big enough for you to find almost everything you need, yet also small enough not to frustrate one with its size.

His favorite walking tour is along Wilson’s Promenade, which has a beauty he has only begun to discover, and he chooses Umoljani and Lukomir on Bjelašnica for picnics.

He drinks his daily coffee at Delikatesna Radnja because it’s closest to the Academy of Performing Arts, where he works.

Ermin’s favorite restaurant is Četiri Sobe Gospođe Safije, which he believes serves excellent food. Although he’s not a big fan of ćevapi, he is sure to take visiting friends to Baščaršija to enjoy this famous Sarajevo specialty, and he heartily recommends that all visitors try klepe.

For him, the most beautiful building in Sarajevo is the old one at the end of Bolnička St. He stresses that the view of the city from Podhrastovi is something that one should experience. He also appreciates all of the international festivals held in Sarajevo and recommends that guests attend them all, if possible.

Ermin Bravo would take first-time visitors to the theater to see a performance and he cites the following as reasons why someone should visit the capital city of BiH: a unique blend of cultures, a turbulent history, the MESS Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Jazz Fest, beautiful nature near the city and exceptionally reasonable prices.

According to Ermin, the best souvenir one can take from Sarajevo is the book, Tajna Džema od Malina (The Secret of Raspberry Jam) by Karim Zaimović. When asked to describe Sarajevo in one sentence, he sighs and shakes his head, letting us know that this is an impossible mission!