Džejna Bajramović

The Cultures and Religions of the World Come Together in Sarajevo

Džejna Bajramović is Executive Marketing Director and a member of the Administrative Staff at Fabrika Duhana Sarajevo.


Džejna was born in Ilidža and that’s where she grew up. As her favorite (and most beautiful!) part of town, she likes to go there in summer and winter. Whenever she has some time off and wants to relax, she heads straight for Velika aleja, her favorite walking route in Ilidža. She also enjoys excursions and skiing on the Olympic Mountains – Bjelašnica, Jahorina and Igman.

During her free time, she usually drinks coffee at the Viennese Café at Hotel Europe, but when she wants to “escape” during the summer, she visits her beloved Ilidža, where she can enjoy a coffee and the wonderful atmosphere at some of the hotels near the central fountain. As a fan of oriental cuisine, her favorite restaurants are Maroko and Hot Wok and she eats ćevapi at either Željo or Fan Ferhatović.

Džejna follows cultural events, especially performances and concerts at the National Theater. She believes that SFF is the most important festival for Sarajevo and BiH but, since she prefers music, her favorite festival is Jazz Fest.

According to Džejna, summer and early autumn are the most beautiful times of year in Sarajevo and she says that the best views are from Zmajevac, below the Mustafa Hajrulahović Talijan Barracks, and from Bijela tabija.

Džejna considers Baščaršija and Bey’s Mosque (her favorite building) to be the heart of Sarajevo. The walking route that she would recommend for visitors would begin at Bey’s Mosque and continue to Morića han, Svrzo’s House, Despić’s House, the Tomb of the Seven Brothers, Bijela tabija… Džejna finds the Jewish Museum of BiH and the Old Orthodox Church fascinating and she says that one must take a walk along Velika aleja to Vrelo Bosne.

To end our conversation, Džejna reveals to us what she considers to be Sarajevo’s greatest treasure:

- I think it is the diversity of cultures throughout history which have left their traces on this small area, where there are churches, mosques and synagogues all in one place and where the cultures and religions of the world come together.