Lamija Saračević

The most beautiful town with the most beautiful spirit!

Lamija Saračević, Sarajevo’s only lady watchmaker, shared her impressions of her hometown.


- What makes Sarajevo unique is its inhabitants who lend a warmth to the city and make everyone feel welcome - says Lamija.

Švrakino Selo is a special place that played an important part in her life, as this is where she grew up, finished school and now works.

However, she finds Wilson’s Promenade the most beautiful part of Sarajevo and is her favorite route when taking long and relaxing walks.

As for outings, she would recommend the Olympic Mountains around Sarajevo, saying that you won’t go wrong in choosing any of them.

Lamija believes that Sarajevo is at its most beautiful in spring because it’s then that one can enjoy nature as it awakens, as well as spend time in the many summer gardens around town. She drinks her daily coffee at Boris Smoje Gallery on Radićeva Street and she recommends Babylon in Baščaršija for an evening out.

She enjoys movies and concerts and likes to see good plays, and emphasizes that Sarajevo’s theater scene is quite good and offers superb performances. She recommends a visit to the Historical Museum of BiH, which will take you through the history of our country with its many interesting displays.

Lamija loves ćevapi and usually eats them at Željo and as for Bosnian specialties, she recommends spinach pie, which one can try at some of the many Buregdžinicas in Baščaršija.

She appreciates Austro-Hungarian architecture, which adorns a fair portion of our city, and finds peace in taking long walks and looking at the facades. For her the most beautiful building can be found to the right of Cathedral, which now houses Gallery 11/07/95.

Should one find themselves with only a day to spend in Sarajevo, Lamija would recommend a tour of Baščaršija and the center of town. She adds that one should definitely try ćevapi and traditional Bosnian coffee and end the day in some of Sarajevo’s cafés, where you can meet interesting people.

In the end, we asked Lamija to describe Sarajevo in one sentence:

- It is the most beautiful town with the most beautiful spirit!