Emir Hadžihafizbegović

The stories from Sarajevo's museums are treasures!

Actor Emir Hadžihafizbegović, who is director of Kamerni Theater 55, is busy with many projects, including the new edition of the cult play, Audicija, which he is a part of.


Emir says he would need days to count all the places and events Sarajevo has to offer: MESSSFF, Jazz Fest, Jurislav Korenić Days…. He also sees the new Mikser House as a major project for our city’s cultural identity.

- I would like the cultural offering from the old town and center to expand to the rest of the city and for us to have at least three more theaters between Grbavica and Ilidža.

He considers the active places of worship for all four great religions and the stories from the city’s museums great treasures.

- The National Museum testifies to BiH’s many phases of development, Gallery 11/07/95 reminds us of the Srebrenica tragedy and those who visit Art House Sevdah can learn about sevdalinka and buy an album by top interpreters.

Emir would love to see other interactive art houses for theater, ballet and opera, literature, rock ‘n’ roll, film….

- A rock ‘n’ roll house would show Davor Popović’s white suit, personal items belonging to members of Bijelo Dugme, profiles of Dino Merlin and Zabranjeno Pušenje…. As a country of great films – with our Oscar, Golden Lion, Golden Palm, Golden Bear – we definitely need a film art house.

He says visitors should see the old trades in Baščaršija, the Olympic Mountains, Ilidža’s thermal water sources, Visoko and Konjic.

- It has been proven that the findings on the “Visoko Pyramids” date back millennia and are man-made. In Konjic there is Tito’s bunker, which houses valuable pieces of modern art. One should visit Boračko Lake, raft the Neretva….

Emir loves a good beefsteak and he says Amerikanac serves the best. He usually takes friends to restaurants that serve Bosnian food and gives the following gifts: the Olympic mascot “Vučko,” a Sarajevo Cube and a book on the Haggadah, which bears witness to the Jews who found their home here.