Aleš Kurt

There are only a few places where one can live like in Sarajevo!

Director Aleš Kurt is also Director of Sarajevo War Theater and the Street Art Festival. He has lived in Belgrade and Paris, but says there are only a few places where one can live like in Sarajevo.


He believes the reason is that our city has kept its original style of living.

- Here people love to live and socialize at an easy pace, over long meals and coffee, which makes life nicer. Sarajevo is an oasis in Europe, with its own blend of the Mediterranean and the Orient, a place where this way of life has remained unchanged, which is why people love us and visit.

Quiet morning coffees

He likes quiet morning coffees in Baščaršija, where he can take in the rhythm of the old town. Čaršija is also home to his favorite restaurant, which he says best captures Sarajevo’s unique spirit.

- There is no other place quite like Hadžibajrić Aščinica, where they have been preparing food in the same way for centuries. Whether you try the pače, okra or something else, each dish is prepared to perfection. The warmth of the staff and owner always makes my day.

Aleš also recommends Mala Kuhinja, with its interesting selection of Asian food and kind staff who attend to guests.

He recharges his batteries in Lukomir and Umoljani, or other excursion spots outside of town, where he enjoys walking, picking mushrooms, skiing…. He relaxes at Central Hotel’s Wellness and Spa Center.

He is glad that SARTR is again offering a concert program in once known cult venue - Center for Social Activities (CDA).

Mystical theater

- On a perfect day in Sarajevo I usually make my rounds to the theaters or attend a festival. I find the architectural concept of the mystical Kamerni (Chamber) Theater especially intriguing, as it is the only theater in town to be housed in an apartment building.

Aleš never returns from a trip without a fridge magnet, so he says this is the perfect Sarajevo souvenir. He also suggests a walk through the mahalas, which hide interesting stories and are a great way to get to know our city.