Dženat Dreković

This city will arouse all of your senses!

Photographer Dženat Dreković, has lived in many cities in the region, but has found contentment in Sarajevo. 


He believes that the blend of religions, cultures and traditions make the city very interesting and what makes Sarajevo so specific is its diversity, which is mirrored in its structures, offering something for each and every soul.

Vratnik is a part of town that has played a special role in his life and its mahalas and cobbled streets represent the real flavor of this city.

His favorite building in Sarajevo is the old Olympic Museum (Petrakijina 7), and he thinks that the most beautiful view is from Hum at sunset.

His ideal stroll takes him along Wilson’s Promenade, following the route that runs between Obala Maka Dizdara, over the Latin Bridge and on to Baščaršija, where he stops by one of the cafes for some juniper juice or lemonade.

His favorite spot for a picnic is Skakavac Waterfall. The entire area is full of streams, wonderful scenery and forest paths, and in spring he really enjoys picking srijemoš (wild garlic), which grows at the base of the waterfall.

He likes to drink his morning coffee at Boris Smoje Gallery (Radićeva 11). He often drops by during the day and says that it’s a place where everyone is equal – the owners, the guests, waiters and even Fikret the dog, the cafe’s mascot!

He chooses Cafe Bar Babilon (Đulagina 4) for a night out because of its interesting crowd. There are younger people and those with life experience, so everyone can find someone to talk to.

Pasta Zen, Avlija and Pod Lipom are his favorite restaurants and he goes to ćevabdžinca Hodžić A for ćevapi that are so juicy and fresh that they melt in your mouth.

For those who come to Sarajevo for the first time, he recommends a visit to Baščaršija, the most attractive part of town, which is full of handicraft shops, traditional eateries and cafes.

According to Dženat, Sarajevo’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a city where the past and present mingle, and its greatest treasure is certainly the warmth that radiates from people.

In closing, we asked him to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and he replied with the following:

- Sarajevo is a city that will arouse all of your senses!