This is a Livable City!

We had coffee with Amila Ramović, musicologist and executive director of the museum of modern art, Ars Aevi.


Its outstanding collection, which includes the works of famous artists from around the world, is currently kept in the depot at Dom Mladih. The collection will eventually be housed in its permanent location in the Ars Aevi Museum, which will be built next to Importanne Center and designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano.

Amila was born in Alifakovac, which still feels like home to her today, and at the beginning of our conversation she explained why she loves Sarajevo:

- This is a livable city where one he can find their own place and not lose themselves, as is the case in large metropolises

Her favorite part of town is Baščaršija, which she loves because of the authenticity that can be felt on every street. When she is in the mood for a walk, she heads for Bijela Tabija and then makes her way to Zmajevac via Vratnik. She thinks the ideal vantage point is from the restaurant Kod Bibana, where, in addition to the view, there is also a rustic ambience.

During the day, Amila usually drinks coffee at Delikatesna radnja, and in the evening she visits Pivnica Sarajevo, especially on nights when the band, Sarajevo Jazz Guerilla, is playing. As far as restaurants are concerned, she immediately singles out aščinica Hadžibajrić, and she eats ćevapi at ćevabdžinica Željo.

Due to the nature of her job, Amila regularly follows the goings-on in the world of fine arts as well as most concerts. Amila’s favorite festival is MESS, and she always looks forward to the shows with great excitement. She points out that Jazz Fest brings excellent music to Sarajevo and that Sarajevo Film Festival is a great event – it’s wonderful to see how the city comes to life when it is held.

Amila considers the Turkish Cultural Center, which was designed by Amir Vuk Zec, to be the most beautiful building in Sarajevo. She heartily recommends that visitors take a tour of the rich cultural and historical offerings of Sarajevo, and that any tour should end with a story about the siege – the most dignified period in the history of the city.

In closing, Amila says of Sarajevo:

- This is a small place with a lot of history, emotions and surprises. I think that people should come here to get a piece of that story for themselves.