This Town Has the Most Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets!

Edina is Artistic Director of the Ballet Company of the National Theater in Sarajevo and for Ballet Fest, the city’s newest cultural festival. 


Edina grew up on Obala Maka Dizdara St., the home of the Art Academy, which used to be an Evangelical Church and, as a youngster, Edina used to go there often to play with her twin sister, Nermina Damian, who is also a famous ballet dancer. The corner café, Dva ribara, as well as the Theater Café, which also used to be there; the Post Office and the National Theater all featured in her childhood.

Since she loves walking, Edina chooses to go along Obala and Wilson’s Walkway during the day and Baščaršija is her favorite nighttime destination. She is especially fond of Sarajevo’s mix of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman architecture:

- When you go from Ferhadija St. to Sarači St., it’s like crossing from the wide center of Vienna to some small street in Istanbul.

Edina’s favorite view of the city is from Sedam šuma, and she loves to visit Bjelašnica, pass through mountain villages and enjoy untouched nature.

Edina usually has her daily coffee at Café Vatra and Dekanter and her favorite restaurants are Tavola and Kod Kibeta. If she decides to treat herself to some ćevapi, she visits Petica or Hodžić.

Considering the fact that she grew up beside the theater, Edina has a connection with MESS Festival, which she still attends regularly. She also follows concerts at the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, and operas and plays at the National Theater.

She says that visitors to Sarajevo should enjoy the cultural offerings the city has to offer, especially theatrical performances, but to also visit the National Museum, Despić House, Svrzo House.... She thinks that the most beautiful buildings are the National Theater, the Law Faculty and the Art Academy.

For Edina, the main reason why one should visit Sarajevo is:

- Our city is a place where one can live well, and Sarajevans have a tradition of hospitality.

In closing, Edina describes Sarajevo in one sentence:

- Sarajevo is a city with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets!