Top events in Sarajevo from November 8 to 14

If you find yourself stuck in Sarajevo during the first half of November, you are sure to enjoy not only the gorgeous colors of fall, but also the wide variety of events. Here we offer a selection of some of the most interesting ones to attend.


The week of November 8 to 14 is full of events for business professionals and everyone who’s interested in tourism, marketing and digital marketing.

On Thursday, November 8, experts from the world of marketing and marketing communications will be giving presentations about all that’s new in their respective fields at the Sarajevo Marketing Summit at Hills Hotel; and that same day at Vijećnica the Tourism Networking Forum will gather tourism specialists, as well as those from related fields, from BiH and countries in the region.

The next congress on the calendar is the Sarajevo Digital Marketing Conference. Set for November 10 at Hollywood Hotel, it will gather marketing managers, entrepreneurs and those who are keen to follow global trends within this field.

The Historical Museum of BiH opened in November 1945 (at the end of WWII) as the Museum of the People’s Liberation, and this month it will be organizing Museum Month, an event dedicated to cultural-historical heritage. One of the exhibits by the Jasenovac Memorial Museum, The Sarajevo Train Without a Timetable (starting November 8), talks about the tens of thousands who were killed between 1941 and 1945 at Jasenovac concentration camp.

You can have a look at what inspires young BiH artists (members of ULUBiH), at the annual Youth Salon, an exhibit that will run from November 8 to 26 at Collegium Artisticum and Charlama Depot.

And, if you’re eager for snow to fall so that you can enjoy winter sports up on the Olympic Mountains, you will be thrilled with the “adrenaline” film, North of Nightfall, which follows extreme bikers on their Arctic expedition. The Brew Pub will be showing this movie on Thursday, November 8.

Also on Thursday, head out for the great concert by Rambo Amadeus at Jazzbina, where this Montenegrin legend will be performing again the very next night (Friday, November 9).

On Friday at Chamber Theater, Milan Nikodijević’s documentary film, Trapped Time, will remind you of how the SFRJ rock scene first got started and continued to develop. The film shares recollections by journalist and rock critic, Petar Peca Popović, and shares his conversations with music stars, like Goran Bregović, Vlatko Stefanovski, Josipa Lisac, Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga.…

This Friday at the Bosniak Institute, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation will be organizing a conference on the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Brusa Bezistan will be hosting Slovenian Archival Heritage, an exhibit by the Archive of Slovenia (November 9-16), which showcases Slovenia’s written cultural heritage from the first half of the 9th century up to the present day.

Saturday, November 10 offers not one, but two major works that will be performed live on stage. Chamber Theater 55 will be offering its live in HD streaming of Marnie, a masterful opera by the New York Metropolitan Opera, while at the National Theater you can watch the premier of Prometheus in chains, a ballet choreographed and directed by Belma Čečo Bakrač.

Beer lovers will enjoy Saturday’s Beer Party at Coloseum Club, where free beer will be served that evening to tunes by ProRocks, a terrific Sarajevo band.

Monday is a day to visit the cinema, so be sure to watch the pre-premiere of the 3D movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, at Cinema City Multiplex on November 12.

If you would like to learn more about dancing, visit the First International Scientific Conference for Ballet and Dance Education, as organized by Tanzelarija at Meeting Point Cinema (November 14).