Marijela Margeta Hašimbegović

Visitors leave Sarajevo feeling that much richer

Marijela Margeta Hašimbegović is an architect, scenographer and Director of the National Theater (NPS). She says that every performance put on at BiH's largest theater helps preserve BiH's cultural identity.


As soon as she became director, she promised herself that NPS would glow with the same energy that can be felt during the SFF, when the red carpet is rolled out onto Susan Sontag Trg, in front of the theater.

- We are a large theater with a diverse repertoire: drama, opera, ballet and a philharmonic orchestra. Our success has been affirmed by many premieres, subtitled shows, guest performances, plus all of the festivals that hold events in our building: SFF, MESS, Sarajevo Winter, Ballet Fest, SVEM, FEDU….

Festival 84

She is proud of the Festival 84.

- EXIT has grown from a small project to a world-class festival. This helped Novi Sad become the 2021 European Capital of Culture, so I’m glad that Festival 84 will be coming to Jahorina in March.

She says Sarajevo is special because of the incredible energy that has been accumulated by all of its peoples and the events that go on here. She says it’s rare to find a city with so much interplay between the modern and the traditional.

- Every pain or joy that this city experiences is inspiration for artists, and visitors leave Sarajevo feeling that much richer and fulfilled. Foreigners are delighted by the spirit, passion and warmth shown by our people, and the hospitality that brings them back. All of this makes us one of the most attractive destinations in Europe.

Suggested outings

Marijela recommends Bijambare, Počitelj and Mostar. She says sports lovers should visit the Olympic Mountains, where they can ski, ride bikes or go hiking; and attend major sporting events in town, like the Giro di Sarajevo and Sarajevo half marathon.

Marijela says that visitors must visit the old part of town.

- One should get to know Sarajevo by walking from Baščaršija to the National Theater, going up to the overlooks around town and visiting museums, which are like chests that hold our history, culture and traditions. One can feel emotional when visiting the Tunnel of Hope, and there are special views of wonderful Austro-Hungarian buildings.

As for lunch in Sarajevo, Marijela recommends the fish menu at Libertas, or stuffed grape leaves at Inat Kuća, which has a special story and energy. She usually drinks her daily coffee at Čeka and Metropolis, and enjoys visiting Zlatna Ribica.

She tends to give friends gifts they can use for a long time, like hand-made slippers from Sarači or spoons from Kujundžiluk. She says Da Valja magnets, which feature popular local dishes, make interesting souvenirs.