Boris Šiber

Vrelo Bosne is an Oasis of Peace and Pure Water

Boris Šiber – Šibi is an editor-in-chief for children’s and youth programming on Federal Television and founder and member of the Nadrealisti, the cult group who created the Top Lista Nadrealista, a popular comedy show of the ‘80s and early‘90s in Former Yugoslavia.


During his childhood, Šibi attended Ahmet Fetahagić Primary School (now Nafija Sarajlić P.S.) and lived in the neighborhood, Koševo, which he refers to affectionately as “Koševo Republic (Republjik)”. Those he grew up with certainly had an influence on him:

- In Koševo there was a special blend of different types of residents, and that unique ambience contributed to the development of a few brilliant individuals.

For Boris, the most exceptional thing about Sarajevo is the abundance of water, so his favorite part of town is Vrelo Bosne, which he says is “an oasis of peace, pure water, gorgeous nature and tasty trout – all so close to the center of town”. His favorite places around Sarajevo are Barice, Jahorina and Nišićka Plateau.

Boris usually drinks his daily coffee in Global Food on Koševsko Brdo, where he enjoys the peace and quiet, and the beautiful sunsets. Global Food is also one of his favorite Sarajevo restaurants, along with Bašta Poturković and Pod lipom.

As for evenings out, he heads for Club Podroom where, as he says, they play the best music in town. He also enjoys following events at club, Art Cinema Kriterion and Cinema Bosna / 1. maj, and his favorite cultural festival in Sarajevo is the MESS theater festival.

For Šibi, the prettiest building in Sarajevo is the now devastated Villa Mandić, which once housed the American Consulate, and after that the Olympic Museum. He maintains that no matter which side you see it from, the view of the city is lovely, especially at night, when it looks like a large spaceship has landed in Sarajevo Valley.

Boris loves Sarajevo for its multiethnic and multicultural character, and he recommends all who come to Sarajevo to definitely pay a visit to Sarajevo’s museums, as well as to Ars Aevi, with its collection of modern art.

We ended our conversation with Šibi by having him list all of the reasons one might have to visit Sarajevo:

- The reasons for visiting Sarajevo could be: history, culture, cuisine and, of course, to have good fun!