We Sarajevans are highlanders!

The Sarajevan singer, Dino Šaran, is frontman for the group, Letu Štuke, which is working on their new album.


Having spent a good deal of his life outside BiH, in the capitals, Zagreb and Nairobi, Dino tells us that he has gotten used to comparing cities. Because of this, he says that Sarajevo is most like Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

Small town

Dino emphasizes that this is a small town and he likes it most on holidays, when it is half empty and not full of traffic.

- Sarajevo is part of the exotic East, but with just enough of the West. This is a lovely city that shares numerous architectural and cultural similarities with other cities in the region that have been occupied by the same conquerors throughout history.

Dino recommends Jazz Fest Sarajevo and the summer festivals, Sarajevo Film Festival and Sarajevo Beer Fest, which sees some performances by good rock bands from BiH and the region.

- SFF is the summer event, when tons of interesting things are going on and when crowds of regional and international guests come to Sarajevo to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in town at that time.

Dino drinks an excellent short espresso every day with friends at Delikatesna Radnja near the National Theater and Academy of Performing Arts, and he suggests having an evening out at one of the clubs that have live music.

His favorite restaurants are Boccone Trattoria, for its excellent fish chowder and seafood dishes; and Petica Ćevabdžinica, which he says makes the best ćevapi and grilled items.

- As for traditional Bosnian food, Hadžibajrić Aščinica serves the most authentic cuisine, with great dishes like sogan dolma, pače….

He recommends Havana Cake at Europe Hotel and the fine cakes at Ramis and Palma for those who have a sweet tooth.

Surrounding hills

Dino would take visitors on a tour of the parts of town on the slopes of surrounding hills, so as to offer a bird’s-eye view of this colorful city on the Miljacka.

- We Sarajevans are highlanders, nestled among the mountains, Trebević, Igman, Bjelašnica and Jahorina, so those who aren’t bothered by the narrowness feel at home right away.

In addition to his tip on finding the perfect local souvenirs on Kazandžiluk St. in Baščaršija, Dino offers the following word of advice to Sarajevo visitors:

- Don’t miss the chance to meet some Sarajevans, because the spirit of a city comes from its people!