Milomir Kovačević Strašni

You have to get to know Sarajevo to love it

Milomir Kovačević Strašni is a world renowned photographer. While he has been living and working in Paris for a long time, he regularly visits his Sarajevo, a city that has inspired his artistic work in large measure.


A recipient of many awards, one of the chief photographers in Sarajevo during the turbulent 1990s and this year’s nominee for the April 6th Award given by the City of Sarajevo, Milomir shared some of the impressions he has of the city on the Miljacka.

Milomir finds Sarajevo an interesting town and he adds that it’s the people who live here that make it special. He believes that Sarajevans’ virtues are directness, openness and heartiness and Sarajevo’s advantages are that it’s a dynamic city, the restaurants and cafés work until late at night and it’s affordable.

The part of Sarajevo that has played an important role in his life is the neighborhood called Pofalići, where he grew up, as well as the stretch of town from Veliki Park to Baščaršija, where he loves to walks and which he considers his own outdoor studio.

For Milomir, a perfect day in Sarajevo is one spent photographing interesting motifs, after which he usually meets up with some friends, and then he wraps up the day socializing over drinks at Zvono, Pink Houdini or Koža’s Nostalgija. For evenings out, he likes to drop by Boris Smoje Gallery, Exile and Meeting Point.

As for cultural events, Strašni usually attends the Sarajevo Film Festival and he loves to listen to concerts during Jazz Fest, take in an interesting performance during MESS….

Given that he finds spring to be the most beautiful season in Sarajevo, on sunny days he often “escapes” to Eno’s Bašča on Sedrenik and he’s also eager to visit Kod Kibeta, Točak, Bella Cantina, Tavola and Šahovski Klub. He makes special mention of the aščinicas, Stari Grad, Dženita and Hadžibajrić, and recommends Bosna from among the many buregdžinicas.

Whenever he wants to get away from the bustling city, Strašni finds some respite at the little flea market in Socialno.

The building in town that holds a special significance for him is the one formerly known as Grand Hotel, now home to the Payment Bureau. The Vječna Vatra monument is located in its front niche.

According to Strašni, Babića Bašča and Jekovac offer the loveliest views of Sarajevo and he adds that Sarajevo Hearts, made by the famous jeweler, Sofić, are an ideal souvenir.

In closing our conversation, we asked Milomir to describe our city in one sentence and he replied with the following:

- Sarajevo is a city you have to get to know in order to love it.