Coffee With ...

Amra Madžarević

Amra Madžarević is a Director of Museums of City of Sarajevo - the institution that has been preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past sixty years. 


Amra was raised in mahalas (neighborhoods in Turkish quarters of the city) around Kovači and Medrese. That part of the city has changed dramatically since her childhood.

- Kovači once had a beautiful park with swimming pool, flowers and lawns where we used to play as children. In the winter that park turned into plazalište - slope for sledding.  Unfortunately, the park became a cemetery, and a final resting place for some of the children who used to play there.

Amra spent her high school and university years in Ćumez, a place where many generations of First Gymnasium students went for coffee. Today things are slightly different, but she is still in some ways connected with that place.

- Ćumez is at the same location even today. I don't go there anymore, but my son does. As a high school student, she used to spend her evenings at café Dedan, at Baščaršija, which was extremely popular at the time and which no longer exists today.

- We also hung out at SOS, Muppet ... One of good places to go out was a disco club Bosna in Jelićeva Street, then Sloga and Dom mladih where I still go, and I'm getting ready for Disco 40+ Party at Sloga.

Amra takes her daily coffee at At Mejdan, and her favorite restaurant is Kod Kibeta, and for evening outings she prefers The Club or depending on the program - Coloseum Club.

As far as shopping in Sarajevo goes, she told us that BBI Center has interesting boutiques, but she doesn't shy away from open-air market Sirano. When asked what her favorite building in Sarajevo is, Amra replied Jajce Barracks and arguing that it would be an ideal location for a city museum with a variety of cultural and tourist services and facilities. She also added that the best view of the city could be seen from Bijela tabija.

When asked which the most important festival in Sarajevo is, Amra responded:

- From the professional point of view Baščaršija Nights and Sarajevo Winter, but privately I have to say Jazz Fest. Finally, we wanted to know which places should someone, in town for only one day, visit to get to know and feel our city.

- Of course, one should visit the annexes of the Museum (of the City of Sarajevo), all five of them, including the Jewish Museum. Then visit the Bey's Mosque, Old Orthodox Church and the Cathedral. All of these are located close to each other and can be seen in one morning. Then a lunch at aščinica could follow, and a cake and boza at Slatko ćoše after that.

The afternoon could be spent visiting Tunnel of Hope in Dobrinja, then taking a short walk through part of the Ilidža's Velika aleja and having a cup of coffee in one of Ilidža's hotels. For the end of the day I suggest a dinner at 4 sobe gospođe Safije, and if there is time a short stroll through the Kundurdžiluk and Aščiluk streets, where the night reveals cafes and lots of young people.