Giancarlo di Vincenzo

In Sarajevo you will find your own way!

Math professor and chef, Giancarlo di Vincenzo, has been the owner of Da Vincenzo, a restaurant in Skenderija, since 2016, when he moved to Sarajevo.


He fell in love with our city while visiting friends from Italy who had been working here for years and described Sarajevo as an excellent place to live.

Love in Sarajevo

- During one visit, I met my partner, Azra, which gave me another reason to settle down here.

Once he had decided to move, he sold his restaurant in northern Sicily and opened a small Italian restaurant on Tabašnica St.

- At Da Vincenzo, we prepare Mediterranean food, fresh pasta, gnocchi, arancini, Parmigiano, bruschetta…, and vegetarian dishes. We use outstanding BiH products, like: Puđa goat cheese, craft beer from Brew Pub, and Herzegovinian wines, such as Brkić Greda.

He shares that he is really fond of Bosnian cuisine. He enjoys local dishes at Srebrena Školjka at Markale’s covered market, eats burek at Skend Buregdžinica, ćevapi at Hodžić, and says the grill opposite Grbavica Stadium has the best grilled chicken.

- I often buy somun at Alifakovac Bakery, put a bit of cheese inside, and eat it as I walk along the river. I love the boza at Sarajbosna, the traditional cakes at Ramis, ice-cream at Mrvica, cocktails at Ice Cocktail and Snack Bar….

For Giancarlo, the best international restaurants in Sarajevo are 4 Sobe Gospođe Safije, Luka Sarajevo, Libertas and Hedona Wine Club, which has its own vineyard.

- And my outings around BiH are as a gourmet: I enjoy fritters at Milano Pizzeria in Visoko, ćevapi in Travnik, Tvrdoš wine in Trebinje….

He says visitors should go to Baščaršija, as well as up to hills around Sarajevo and the Avaz Twist Tower, to enjoy a view of the city.

- Sarajevans have delighted me! They are kind and sociable, just like residents of southern Italy. This city allows you to find your own way, your own dimension.

An abundance of diversity

- I am fascinated by the nice and peaceful coexistence among totally different people here. Because I know many couples who come from different parts of the world and belong to different religions, like with me and Azra, and I enjoy Eids with her family. People love and respect one another here, they mark all holidays and give money to the poor of all faiths. Where else in the world does this happen?

Giancarlo enjoys walking and biking along Wilson’s Promenade, and he has his own winter ritual.

- Termal Rivijera has a warm-water indoor/outdoor pool. It’s a terrific feeling to pass from the indoor section to the outdoor part when it is snowing. And I’m very sorry I can’t go skiing on the Olympic Mountains around Sarajevo because of a leg injury.

He is keen to go to wine festivals and classical music concerts. He usually gives friends who live abroad coffee sets from Kazandžiluk St. and hand-made jewelry bought all over Baščaršija.