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Nađa Lutvikadić Fočo

Nađa Lutvikadić Fočo is PR Manager for BH Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in BiH. This energetic and capable young lady has shared some of her impressions of Sarajevo and revealed why it is so special for her.


Nađa says that Sarajevo is a specific city that can boast a rich history and is inhabited by special people.

- The atmosphere and spirit of Sarajevo can best be felt during events like the Sarajevo Film Festival and during the month of Ramadan and the winter holidays, and while walking around in the lovely nature that surrounds the city, says Nađa. She adds that part of our city’s charm is that it still manages to resist the fast pace which is being imposed by the modern western lifestyle.

She is most connected to the Sarajevo neighborhood of Vratnik, which is where she has spent a good deal of her life, and she enjoys the fact that she can take care of daily errands without having to use a car.

Her favorite walking route is from BBI Center to Baščaršija and she often goes to Wilson’s Promenade with the kids. When going on excursions, she chooses Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina Mountains, as well as Vrelo Bosne and Konjic.

She says that she isn’t one to enjoy going out in the evenings and that she prefers socializing during the day in the summer gardens along Wilson’s Promenade and in At Mejdan Park, a place where she can find some peace.

As for cultural activities, she’s fondest of literary evenings, theater performances, films and concerts.

She is keen to mention that Sarajevo has an excellent and varied selection of fine food and her favorite restaurant is Kibe Mahala. She tends to enjoy Bosnian specialties at Hadžibajrić and ASDŽ Aščinicas and her favorite place for ćevapi is Petica Ćevabdžinica.

According to Nađa, the reasons why someone should visit Sarajevo are the historical attractions, the approachability of the people, the high quality of the food and wonderful nature. She adds that she would take a first-time visitor to see Vijećnica, which she considers the most beautiful building in Sarajevo, then Svrzo House, Bey’s Mosque, the National Museum, Veliki Park, Markale Market, Vrelo Bosne and Zmajevac, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

As for the best Sarajevo souvenir, Nađa recommends Vučko, the mascot of the XIV WOG, the Sarajevo Kocka (Cube), as well as engraved cartridges crafted by Sarajevo’s coppersmiths.

When asked to describe Sarajevo in one sentence, Nađa offers the following:

- This is a wondrous city with brave inhabitants who were not struck down by evil, but rather, made more tolerant and humane.