Sanjin Pehlivanović

Sarajevo is a city of kind people

Sanjin Pehlivanović is a Sarajevan who has placed first in several BiH junior billiards competitions. As a six-time winner, he is the youngest European billiards champion and recently became the world 9-ball champion for under-19s. At 16 he has visited many countries and hosted friends from all over the world.


As a boy he dreamt of playing football, but switched to billiards after a knee injury. He has been training with his father, Senad, since 2009.  


- I play somewhere every weekend, so I train for hours at Predator, a sports-billiard club in Dobrinja. I want to stay in shape and stay focused because I want to do as much as I can while I am young so I can enjoy myself later on.

He plays at the junior level at European and world contests and as a senior player at other matches, where judges and players joke with him “for not bringing some famous Sarajevo burek and ćevapi!”

- When we get back from a trip and are all tired out, we go to Hodžić for ćevapi or to Aščinica ASDŽ for veal stew. I like Milkman, and the sweets at Imidž in Semizovac. After hiking around Trebević I eat lunch at Sunnyland and have coffee at Mr. President in Ilidža.

In his free time, he likes to go to movies with friends or to a pool party at Mr. & Mrs. CUE on Wilson’s Promenade. He hopes that his success will inspire more young people to start playing billiards or any other sport professionally.

An active life

- I lead an active life, so I am keen to go skiing on Bjelašnica and sometimes I go skating at Hastahana or Zetra. In summer I enjoy the nature around Vrelo Bosne.

He says that the Sarajevo Holiday Market (held at Hastahana Park in Dec. and Jan.) is one of the prettiest places in town during winter. He takes visiting friends and colleagues to Baščaršija.

Baščaršija is a unique place for them and they leave with baklava, Aladdin slippers from the famous Kalajdžisalihović shop on Sarači St, a zvekir accessory for their cell phones…. None of them forget the hospitality of Sarajevo – a city of kind people.