Ajdin Šahinpašić

Sarajevo is a city with a special spirit!

Ajdin Šahinpašić is a Director of BTC Šahinpašić Publishing House, organizer of the Annual Winter Book Fair which is held every year in Gallery Collegium Artisticum.


Ajdin insists that Sarajevo is an extremely interesting city and Alipašino Polje remains especially dear to him, since that’s where he spent his childhood.

He believes that Sarajevo is special because of the rich history that has been molded by many events, some of which have had international implications, like the Sarajevo Assassination, the Olympics and the Siege of Sarajevo.

What he loves most about Sarajevo is that it is a city with a special spirit – in one way a metropolis, in another a small town. It’s a city that cares little for fame and ordinary people can be heroes.

His favorite walking tour runs along Obala Kulina Bana to At Mejdan, over the Latin Bridge, down Zlatarska St. and Ferhadija St. and all the way to Vječna Vatra. He thinks that the most beautiful view of Sarajevo is the one from the city’s eastern slopes.

Ajdin says that whenever he wants to escape the bustle of he city he heads for Romanija, Vrelo Bosne and Bjelašnica. He also says that autumn is the best season for Sarajevo.

As for cultural activities, he enjoys book fairs and theatrical performances. He makes special mention of Sarajevo Film Festival, which is Sarajevo’s most attractive cultural event, not just for Sarajevans, but for the tourists who visit.

Ajdin says that Sarajevo offers a rich variety of foods and it’s still a place where you can get quite a lot for relatively little money. Kibe and Tavola are two of his favorite restaurants.

When asked what he would recommend for someone who comes to Sarajevo for the  first time and wants to spend a day here, Ajdin says that there is too much to see in just one day and that visitors should find a guidebook and follow its suggestions.

In closing, Ajdin offers a few reasons why one should visit Sarajevo:

-  Pleasant people, affordable accommodation, delicious food and a rich history that will never leave one with a feeling of indifference.